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The war in Ukraine. “Bild”: This is how the Kremlin’s propaganda admits its failure

The war in Ukraine.  "Bild": This is how the Kremlin's propaganda admits its failure

Bild noted that “this document not only speaks of the treacherous nature of the Kremlin’s propaganda, but also highlights the failure of the invasion of the Kremlin tyrant, Vladimir Putin,” stressing that the information in the Russian manual is “appalling.”
The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has released a secret Kremlin document on war propaganda.

The document shows that the Kremlin leadership understands that the Russians do not know what war is, despite the propaganda associated with the symbol “Z”, despite the persecution of anti-war activists and the ban on publication of newspapers critical of the authorities. .

“Start the special operation and The concept of de-Nazification was not supported by an emotional background (…). There was little information about the “murdered children” of the so-called republics and “nationalist massacres of the Russians,” the document’s authors believed, and they also noted that “there are not enough eyewitness accounts from Ukraine, which would add emotional support to the process.” special”.

“On this way The Kremlin’s propaganda admits it failed– BILD concludes.

The Russian document also indicates a lack of media information.On the support of the special operation of Ukrainian citizens, which helps to strengthen Russia’s image as an aggressor and invaderThis goal, according to the authors, can be achieved by displaying “more heroic images of the actions of soldiers in combat and in everyday life by displaying them in all social channels and media.”

As the guide states You can use the image of “polite people” from 2014 in CrimeaShe posted “photos of rescued animals, soldiers looking after children, and veterans crying for joy.”

The Russian document also recognizesThe Kremlin’s TV propaganda in Ukraine was ineffectiveThe manual recommends that “Russian programs be shown in the besieged areas around the clock.” “That is why Moscow decided to send three broadcast trucks to Mariupol,” asserts Bild.

Kremlin propagandists argue that the focus of the message must be shifted and that liberation must be talked about more than just occupation. The emblem of the Russian armyWe are fighting for you to hand over these lands to you“It seems completely absurd in the face of the fact that the soldiers of this army are torturing, raping, killing civilians and destroying cities,” Bild asserts.

The Kremlin’s instructions also advise not to hide the number of dead and prisonersand communicate it clearly; Otherwise, the subject will be “captured by the enemy”. However, as Bild recalled, the Kremlin has so far remained silent and has yet to report any reliable number of its soldiers killed.

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