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The war in Ukraine. Croatia expelled two Russian diplomats

The war in Ukraine.  Croatia expelled two Russian diplomats

On Monday, the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs said that 24 employees of the Russian embassy in Zagreb, including 18 diplomats, had to leave Croatia. The decision came as a result of the Russian military attack on Ukraine.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation received a note in which he was informed that – in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – a decision was taken to reduce the number of staff at the Russian Embassy in Zagreb to a level equal to the number that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs informed the Croatian Mission in Moscow.

The expulsion of Polish diplomats from Russia

Of course, this is not the first such situation since the start of the war by the regime led by Vladimir Putin.

Interia decided this on April 8 Russia has decided to expel 45 Polish diplomats and consuls from the country. Polish diplomats received an order to leave Russia by April 13. This is a response to the same move from the Polish side.

March 23 Poland has decided to expel 45 Russian diplomats suspected of espionage. This was stated by the spokesman of the Minister Coordinator of Secret Services Stanislav Sarin. On March 28 it was reported that the diplomats had left.

For this reason, the Russian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “the deterioration of Russian-Polish relations continues, and the expulsion of Russian diplomats will lead, if not to an official break, then to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Poland and Poland. Russia.”

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