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The war in Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev accuses the Ukrainians of execution

The war in Ukraine.  Dmitry Medvedev accuses the Ukrainians of execution

“Years ago I learned at university that under criminal law criminal punishment has two components: on the one hand, punishment, and on the other hand, the conditions for re-education of the guilty party. Only the death penalty is “pure” for obvious reasons. – wrote Dmitry Medvedev on Telegram.

This rule is based on principle “Life for the sake of life”, known since the times of the Old Testament “ – added the ex-president of the Russian Federation.

On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian military of Execution of more than 10 Russian prisoners of war by gunshots to the head. It was a guide to the ministry video, It was circulated on Russian social media, showing the shooting of soldiers.

The Kremlin statement stated this Premeditated and systematic killing More than a dozen disabled Russian soldiers were killed by the Ukrainians Direct shots to the head.

The resort added that the video is indicative “cruel nature” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his associates regime in Kyiv. The letter added that the Ukrainian leader And he will answer for this before the court of history and the peoples of Russia and Ukraine.

Kyiv is still He did not respond to the accusations. The Ukrainian side constantly asserts that they are military personnel He was tortured in Russian captivity. Moscow, on the other hand, is constantly denies these reports.

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