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The war in Ukraine. Front and next winter. Comments by General Mieczyslaw Bieniek

The war in Ukraine.  Front and next winter.  Comments by General Mieczyslaw Bieniek

Ukrainians are fighting on their lands. It may be rotated or withdrawn for a period of time. I hope that this kind of comfort will not be experienced by Russian soldiers who are far from their logistical lines – General Miczław Beniek said on TVN24. The former NATO Deputy Commander for Transformation has assessed what the frontline situation might look like in the context of the coming winter. “The Russians, who occupy lands in eastern Ukraine, have also lost electricity,” he stressed.

Friday evening the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have repelled more than 100 Russian attacks in the Donetsk region, in the east of the country. In its latest report, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that despite assurances that mobilization has ended, Russia It is still secretly recruiting new soldiers and planning a second wave of mobilization, which is likely to further impair the training level of the following recruits.

Russian military invasion Ukraine It lasts for 269 days. Report >>>

General Benik about the situation on the winter front line

General Mieczysław Bieniek, former deputy commander, spoke on TVN24 about what the situation on the front line might look like in the context of the coming winter. For this for transformation. According to his assessment, “the defensive positions taken by the soldiers are in order of their order.” – According to him, there are firing positions, barbed wire, and places at medical and logistical security points where soldiers can be fed.

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– Let’s remember that Ukrainians are fighting on their own territory. It can be rotated or withdrawn for a certain period of time to rest in other, more humane conditions. The general added that he hoped Russian soldiers far from their supply lines and logistics would not experience this kind of comfort.

Snow tank wreckage in the Kharkiv regionPAP/EPA

As he noted, “In addition to frost, there is also snow and dampness.” – Somewhere you need to dry off, rest and eat warm food. I hope that this logistical support will be much better from the Ukrainian side than from the Russian side – said the guest of TVN24.

General: I wish the Russians the worst. Let winter hit them hard

Referring to places in Ukraine without electricity, Mieczysław Bieniek emphasized that “electricity generators that can provide heating and water” were added in the introduction. – And on the other hand, the Russians, who occupy territories in eastern Ukraine, have lost electricity. I don’t know if their security and logistical support is reliable enough to make their lives easier. I wish the worst, that winter would hit them hard, and they would lose their desires for their neighbours, – said he.

Mine warning in the Kharkiv regionPAP/EPA

When asked if it would be possible for the Russians to crack first in winter conditions, the general answered in the affirmative. – But let’s remember that we have civilians on the Ukrainian side. It is a duty, but also a need of the heart, to help. These are emphasized additional tasks for Ukrainian soldiers.

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– War is not only individual battles in different departments, but also economy, economy, morale and support of society – he concluded.

Main image source: PAP/EPA

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