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The war in Ukraine. General Waldemar Skrzypczak on the situation at the fore – analysis of the map [23.05.2022]

The war in Ukraine.  General Waldemar Skrzypczak on the situation at the fore - analysis of the map [23.05.2022]

Russia invades Ukraine. Several weeks ago, the battles centered on the east of the country. The former commander of the Ground Forces, General Valdemar Skrzybchak, while analyzing the situation at the front, noted that the Russians were trying to gain control of the area without success. – Field achievements are too small at the cost of heavy losses – Rate him on TVN24. He pointed out that the Ukrainian forces are carrying out a “thoughtful operation” that “obliges the main forces of the Russian army and is bleeding heavily from it.”

Retired Lieutenant General Waldemar Skrychak, former commander of the Ground Forces, on Monday analyzed the situation at the front in Ukraine on TVN24. He pointed to the area located at the junction of three Ukrainian provinces – Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk – near the Donetsk River. – Several days ago, the Russians raided the defensive positions prepared by the Ukrainians in this region. The positions were developed into several defensive lines, each line protected by minefields and fortifications – said the general.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Live coverage on >>>

– The Russians have been storming this area for several days without much success. Field gains are very small at the expense of huge losses. He emphasized that the Russians are able to attack the same site 5-6 times a day with the defense of the Ukrainian army, thanks to which the Ukrainians inflicted huge losses.

In the opinion of the TVN24 guest, “the operational situation in this region is very favorable for the Ukrainians, because it is clear that everything is going according to their plan.” “The Russians are attacking, not taking territory,” he added.

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General Waldemar SkrzypczakTVN24

Russian forces in Donbas ‘insufficient to break defense’

According to the general, in the vicinity of Donets, the Russians are unable to break through the defensive positions. – There is no risk of incubating until today. The reserve that supplies the Ukrainian army reaches this region. Behind this smaller boiler, more defensive positions were prepared, which are already managed by the Ukrainian army. This willingness, he said, may prevent the Russians from achieving any success in attacking the West.

When asked about the forces in which the two sides participated in the fighting in the Donbass, General Skrzybchak estimated that on the Russian side there are 12-15 tactical battalion groups, that is, about one and a half divisions (several thousand soldiers). – This is not enough to break the defense of the Ukrainian army, which probably has two reinforced brigades in this area. (…]In the rear there are reserves estimated at one and a half to two brigades, which are ready to engage in combat in order to break the offensive of the Russian army – added the general.

– This is an operation planned by the Ukrainians, because they connect the main forces of the Russian army as part of this operation, which leads to their heavy bleeding. These forces, in my opinion, will in a few weeks have to either leave the fighting or be replaced because they will lose their combat potential – according to his assessment.

Main image source: TVN24

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