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The war in Ukraine. Kyiv wants to fight Iranian drones

The war in Ukraine.  Kyiv wants to fight Iranian drones

Russian offensive operations in eastern and southern Ukraine I stoppedKyiv was able to liberate some of the territories occupied by the enemy. However, the kamikaze drones provided by Iran have recently given Russia a certain advantage. This weapon is not very expensive and effective – we read in the magazine.

In the opinion of the Ukrainian leadership, more Effective fight against drones For example, they can provide supplies of American Avenger short-range missile launchers. Other urgent needs in Kyiv are related to the relatively short “operational life” of NATO 155-mm artillery guns. This type of weapon, delivered to Ukraine by Western partners, is quickly consumed on the battlefield, so the best solution could be Use of cluster weapons The science of foreign policy.

Kyiv shows a special interest in the so-called DPICM, or cluster missiles With a cumulative high-explosive sub-munition. It is a weapon that blasts against dozens of small projectiles designed to destroy moving targets such as tanks or enemy forces. According to the Ukrainian command, it is five times more powerful than conventional artillery shells.

Kyiv would like to receive, among other things, BONUS cluster weapons, produced by the Swedish company Bofors and the French Nexter. But such requests from the Ukrainian side are causing controversy in Washington and European capitals, because cluster missiles are considered a weapon in particular. Dangerous to civilians.

However, some members of the US Congress, according to Foreign Policy, differ in opinion. This cluster munition was previously designed specifically for Elimination of the Soviet advantage In terms of artillery launchers. The Ukrainians say: “You have this weapon, made for the kind of threat we face now, so why not get it?” – said a parliamentary official in an interview with one of the American magazines.

– We do not comment on specific Ukrainian assumptions about weapons. We focus on hardwareIt is appropriate for current combat operations, said Pentagon spokesman Jaron Garn, dismissing speculation about a possible US supply of cluster missiles.

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