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The war in Ukraine. Mass graves in Izyum after the liberation of the city

The war in Ukraine.  Mass graves in Izyum after the liberation of the city

Takes A successful counterattack by the Ukrainians In the Kharkiv region, so it started Restoration of liberated lands In the region and discover what the Russians are doing Leave it behind in the formerly occupied territories.

A mass grave was found in the liberated Izyum, It contains about 440 graves – said in an interview with Sky News, Deputy Chief of Police of Kharkiv Oblast, Serhiy Poloinov, the Kyiv Independent reports. The writer said that They were buried individually in temporary graves The bodies will be exhumed and transported from their resting places to Forensic examinations.

According to Ukrinform, he also referred to the matter President Volodymyr Zelensky. He informed that Ukrainian and foreign journalists will arrive on Friday.

We want the world to know What is really going on and what has the Russian occupation led to – Zelensky confirmed. – Bucha, Mariupol, now Izyum unfortunately. Russia leaves death everywhere. And she has to be responsible for that. The world should push Russia to it The real responsibility for this war – added.

– Eternal memory for everyone The invaders committed suicide! Eternal glory to all Fight for Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! said the chief.

In addition, the State Ambulance Service said it also found five teenagers Imprisoned for a week in a basement In the Kharkiv region after they were forced to surrender “purified notification” by the Russian occupiers. They are children between the ages of 15 and 17, He came from the regions of Kupiansk, Izjum and Czuhujów, the Suspilne Portal reports.

Alarming signals are also coming from the Ukrainian government. Today, Thursday, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior Yevni Jenin said that in the territory of the Kharkiv region it was liberated from the Russian occupation, as The Russian army arrested and mistreated Ukrainians, as well as foreigners.

One of these places was located in Palaklia. The Ministry of the Interior has received information, not yet confirmed, about a similar location in Wołczańsk. “People there in particular were tortured – with electricity” – said the deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior, citing the Ukrainian portal Pravda. As described, people were arrested “In absolutely inhumane conditions.”

Jenin mentioned that they are among the detainees held by the Russians students of an Asian country, who wanted to go to the areas controlled by the Ukrainian army. But they stayed. – Description – “Illegally detained by the Russian military and tortured.”

“All these effects war crimes We’re documenting exactly now. Bokza experience shows that the most terrible thing The crimes will not be discovered until after some time has passed.” – said the deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior.

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