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The war in Ukraine. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Warning against the annexation of Kherson to Russia

The war in Ukraine.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Warning against the annexation of Kherson to Russia

– The Kremlin may consider several options, from Recognition of the so-called People’s Republic (…) After the annexation, as Russia did in the Crimea. This is a predictable part of the Russian scenario, so we continue to sound the alarm, Price said at a news conference. He also referred, inter alia, to the more frequent visits of Russian officials to the occupied area, Decision of President Putin on facilitating the issuance of passports to Ukrainian citizensAnd the plans Input the ruble as a currency.

The United States has previously warned, among other things, On the possibility of organizing a false referendum on the establishment of the “Kherson People’s Republic”. When the State Department was asked about the reason for these plans – it warned The referendum may be held in mid-May – It did not come true, Price admitted that he did not know. But he added that this may be the result of US warnings and the disclosure of Russian plans. He also pointed out that Russia is completely devastated in its attempts to obtain social legitimacy from the occupation administration.

The spokesperson also referred to speculation about the proposed pressure or pressure on Ukraine in Western European countriesI accepted the loss of territory to Russia to end the war. Price dismissed suggestions that the West was divided over which Russia could end the war on its own at any time. The United States believes that Russia is not currently ready to join peace negotiations in good faith.

Referring to the case Expansion of NATO and blocking the accession of Finland and Sweden by Turkey, A spokesman expressed confidence that the dispute would be resolved “quickly”, although he declined to say it would become a NATO summit in Madrid in late June. Price declined to comment when asked about reports in the Polish press that the United States had decided to keep American forces in Poland permanently.

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