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The war in Ukraine. Richard Branson visited the airport near Kyiv. Talk about space cooperation | world News

The war in Ukraine.  Richard Branson visited the airport near Kyiv.  Talk about space cooperation |  world News

The head of the local military administration, Taras Domenico, reported on Richard Branson’s visit via social media. He stressed on a social networking site that the British billionaire constantly supports Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and imposes the most severe sanctions on Russia, its leaders and its economy.

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“At Hostoml, he was interested in the Antonov Airport, as well as the possibilities of its reconstruction. Together with representatives of the Ukroboronprom Corporation and the Antonov Corporation, our guest told us about these possibilities, as well as about the current projects of the airport reconstruction,” Domenko wrote.

Richard Branson in Ukraine. Talk about space cooperation

In turn, the head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Servant of the People, David Arashamiya, added that the topic of talks with the British billionaire was also the development of the space industry in Ukraine. During the meeting, Richard Branson was scheduled to express interest in the project the new An-225 Mrija aircraft.

“The design of the new aircraft is already under development, and the device will be equipped with modern digital software that will allow the An-225 Mija to become even more powerful,” – he said in one of the entries on Telegram.

You can read about the An-225 Mija in the text below

Arashamija added that the British billionaire had expressed his willingness to help “whatever he can”. He was also supposed to be “pleasantly surprised” by the position of the Ukrainian authorities and the fact that even in such difficult times they were thinking about how to develop the country in the field of aviation and space.

British billionaire Richard Branson supported Ukraine

Agency Union She noted that Branson had already in 2013-2014 expressed his support for the European arena and condemned the Yanukovych regime. He also publicly declared his anger over the annexation of Crimea Russia. Already at that time, the businessman called on the international community to stop trading with Russia.

In February 2022, the British billionaire mentioned the Budapest Agreement and the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Then the British called Globalism To unite around Ukraine and protect it from possible Russian aggression.

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