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The war in Ukraine. Spain sent ammunition – only enough for two hours of fighting | world News

The war in Ukraine.  Spain sent ammunition - only enough for two hours of fighting |  world News

Row Spain Send 200 tons of ammunition to Ukraine. But the portal said, according to the ambassador, that the amount of weapons sent was “insufficient”

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Ukraine helped. 1.3 million shipments, including the M777 howitzer, were shipped from Canada to Europe

Spain sent ammunition to Ukraine that lasted only a few hours

Spain sent ammunition to the Ukrainian forces, which were used by the soldiers within two hours. The ambassador referred to the matter Ukraine in Spain Serhiy Pohorlitsev. “We are grateful, but we cannot say that we are satisfied,” said Pohorlitsev.

The diplomat confirmed it Ukraine It needs “more financial aid, more weapons” to be able to fight the Russians. He added that if Ukraine She will receive increased military aid, she can “go out Russians In a few weeks’ time.”

Cruiser “Moscow”. Russia wants to silence families of deceased sailors

Spain. Ukrainian ambassador calls for sending tanks

Ambassador He asked the Spanish government to send Leopard tanks. He stressed that their priority is to get to Ukraine, and the discussion about the arrival of Spanish instructors who will teach Ukrainian soldiers to use machines can be postponed.

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– The issue is on the table and there is goodwill on the part of the Spanish government and Ministry of DefenseTo send instructors to teach how to use this tanks. There is a desire, there is a possibility, but the tanks are important – he mentioned what he conveyed Serhiy Pohorlitsev also expressed his gratitude to the Spanish government for sheltering him refugees from Ukraine.

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