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The war in Ukraine. The Russians closed the Crimean bridge all night. Escape from Crimea? | News from the world

The war in Ukraine.  The Russians closed the Crimean bridge all night.  Escape from Crimea?  |  News from the world

bridge Crimea It was closed by the father. hour 22.00 and was scheduled to remain closed until 6.00 on Wednesday. Report it Ukrainian Channel 24 portal. According to journalists, the Russians had to close the bridge for fear of being attacked forces Ukrainian.

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The foreign intelligence agency intercepted the conversation with the Russians: the soldiers know the lies of the Kremlin. Advertising works with us.

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The Russians closed the Crimean bridge all night. Are they fleeing from the Ukrainian army?

The Russians officially closed the bridge out of fear of Ukrainian army fire. However, Ukrainian journalists believe that this is only an excuse.

In fact, the puppet “authorities” will flee with their families and possessions. After the bridge is closed, they secretly want to leave the Crimea.

– Journalists write the call 24. The Russians are afraid of the Ukrainian counter-attack and bombardment. They have nothing to worry about after the Ukrainian army fired on ammunition depots and a Russian airfield. According to observers, the Crimean bridge may be another target of the Ukrainian army, which is fighting after eight years for the region annexed by the Russians in 2014. The bridge links the Ukrainian peninsula with Russia.

Ukrainian authorities: the Russian leadership left Kherson

The war in Ukraine. Zelensky’s army wants to take back Crimea

Ukrainian media reported that on the same night that the Russians closed the Crimean bridge, Putin’s army in southern Ukraine shot Mykolaiv. Ukrinform Agency She sent a message written by Mayor Mikołajow Oleksandr Sienkewycz, which was posted on Telegram.

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“Powerful explosions in Mikolajo. You can hear them in different parts of the city. Stay in shelters until the anti-aircraft alarm goes off” – Sienkowycz wrote. The city’s emergency lines stopped working during the bombing.

Turkey PresidentZelensky will meet Erdogan and the UN Secretary-General

Despite other attacks by Russia, the Ukrainian army believes in the restoration of the occupied territories. Experts from the higher educational institution assure that Ukraine, by targeting Russian land lines of communication and remote areas of the Crimea, is part of the strategy of offensive countermeasures. This is without prejudice to Ukraine’s obligations to the Western partners who supplied the country with weapons.


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