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The watch that saved my health. This is the Amazfit GTR3 Pro

The watch that saved my health.  This is the Amazfit GTR3 Pro

Let’s cut a deal – any other watch similarly accurate to the Amazfit GTR3 Pro could do the same. But it was the first time, it was in a good period and so – it has a special place in my tech heart. Elegant, but not intrusive. Readable, but not very attractive. Functional, but not without compromises. The Amazfit GTR3 Pro is sometimes full of interesting contrasts and sometimes less fun.

Amazfit positions itself as a budget brand, but after the GTR3 Pro, the budget is not visible at first glance. On the front there is a screen with a diagonal (in fact, a diagonal) of 1.45 inches, 480 x 480 pixels. It’s AMOLED with 331 PPI, and an oleophobic coating. There is something in it, because the screen does not “flick” despite being smeared with a non-cleaner finger. And that’s how it is – we don’t wash our hands before every smartwatch use. This is not the age of 90’s computers and keyboard overlays. The 22mm strap is made of silicone (no, it’s not leather) that deforms quickly and picks up any debris with surprising speed. After all, it rests firmly on the hand and does not tire the skin – it allows it to breathe well. After the rubber band of Mi Banda 6, even ship rope will be better.

What kind of communication units came in this smartwatch? Well, here we have: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, QZSS. So there is an interface that connects the phone to the watch, it is possible to get location data from various satellites. But… who the hell has WiFi in the smartwatch? Bluetooth, even in version 5.0, is quite weak when it comes to file transfers and the stability of this connection. There are no compromises when it comes to updating software. It should be fast and flawless. The WiFi module is used for this purpose only. Well, that doesn’t hurt much.

It is worth paying attention to the BioTracker PPG 3.0 sensor. The watch has 6 photodiodes and LEDs at its disposal – it’s the successor to Huami’s BioTracker. Here it is possible to monitor the pulse, as well as the saturation of blood with oxygen, as well as to assess the respiratory rate, as well as something intangible such as the level of stress. BioTracker PPG 3.0 can perform all measurements at the same time. However, collecting all the results under ideal conditions will take up to 45 seconds. In addition, the watch features conveniences such as an accelerometer, barometer, light sensor, temperature sensor and gyroscope: the combination of all these sensors respond directly to automatically detect training, measure steps, distance traveled / run, elevation changes and many, many others.

The 450mAh battery isn’t the smallest, but I feel a bit unsatisfied. I set myself a SpO2 reading every 10 minutes, if possible (don’t move after that). This, however, eats up the battery. The manufacturer states that the watch will last up to 12 days in normal mode, up to 30 days in power saving mode and up to 35 hours with GPS. Do you want to swim with him? Then you should know that it can handle up to 5 ATMs. The speaker and microphone are rare visitors on the watch circuit in this price range – but it’s worth noting. The strange thing is that it is impossible to get a notification/ringtone when a call comes in. But well, maybe someday that will change with the update.

Wearing fun, good reading, but handling…

Sometimes average. The picture is very sharp, but that’s thanks to the AMOLED with a high PPI ratio. The human eye will absolutely adore this screen. You can set an interesting watch face, but for a bloody hell (except for one preset face – with the ability to set your own data on the dial), I couldn’t find a face that shows SpO2 on a regular basis. I understand that this measurement is made at a time when a person does not move his hand in all directions. But it will be useful anyway. I just wish I knew and that’s it. The different styles of dials allow you to imitate an elegant and classic watch with futuristic hands and instrumentation that also fits the Millennium Falcon.

Reading incoming notifications (the watch is compatible well with both iOS and Android!) is hassle free. The screen lets you do just that – all you have to do is move your hand to view what you’re interested in. Wearing the watch is a lot of fun thanks to the silicone strap. The rubber Mi Band caused my skin to protest. You know, allergies and these things. Well, just “nydyrdy”. It’s different here.

Navigation is carried out either by touch, or by two buttons on the right side – one of them “does” the handle. However, they are so “delicate” that it is difficult to hit what interests us. Quite frankly – this is not the way to operate the watch you want. I prefer to drag my finger across the oleophobic screen. But this is sometimes difficult because … the clock can react to a delay. Yes, the Zepp OS interface from Huami (Amazfit) is able to “trim” and even restart the watch. This is one of the main disadvantages of this device, and frankly, I do not want it in a smart watch, which costs eight hundred dollars at the moment.

Zepp OS also translates poorly at times: the same goes for the mobile apps for Android and iOS. It looks like machine translation, passed through Google Translate or DeepL. Well, on average – I would say here. However, there is one thing the GTR3 Pro does really well.

It measures, calculates, determines…

Polysomnography works “well” – sometimes it detects well the moment of falling asleep, often half an hour is missed. It happens that turning over the bed is treated as sleeping and waking up. It is also able to prematurely report getting out of bed and so it turns out that my sleep wasn’t long enough – because the algorithm was wrong.

However, it is interesting when we talk about the pulse sensor and SpO2. As I wrote in another post on Antiveb, the Amazfit GTR3 Pro is wrong 2 percent up or down when it comes to oxygenating the blood. It gets worse when the saturation drops below 90 – then the margin of error may increase. to throb? The error limit is about 4 beats per minute up or down. Based on slow to fast heart rate transition patterns – the Amazfit GTR3 Pro measures fatigue. The watch still thinks I’m as quiet as a rabbit—even though I fired up my headphones next to my laptop right after my online meeting in the office and threw some inappropriate expressions under my breath. Or maybe I’m not really nervous, I’m just an oasis of peace?

The Amazfit GTR3 Pro does not measure steps as you type. This is a feat, because the Mi Band 3 was able to do so, which made my office mates laugh (before COVID, ha!). The show took an hour and a third of the goal was made out of 10,000 steps. Nothing is easier. That’s not the case here and what’s more: the GTR3 Pro can figure out training for itself. Do you ride a bike? Training will start automatically. Did you go for a walk? same. Sometimes it is very sensitive and unfortunately … it turns out that while swinging on the swing, the clock thinks we want to train on a stationary bike. I did well!

In the automatic training detection mode, it also happens that the watch is able to finish the training itself “because yes”. You’re sweating, but the Amazfit GTR3 Pro knows it’s finished and there’s nothing else left. You won’t find all your training in the app, only bitter tears left. Because you’re practicing with numbers in the app, right? Isn’t that right?

This is a watch for casual wearable users

Oh, like me. I don’t run, sometimes I ride an electric bike, and I don’t expect miracles. But the Amazfit GTR3 Pro charmed me with a very important time. He regularly warns me that my SpO2 is still low. It turned out to be not unreasonable: due to exacerbation of asthma, desaturation appeared, which became unpleasant for my health. Thanks to this device, I finally went to the doctor, changed my medication, and voila – I breathe like a human again. To the dismay of some users – he, he, he. I’m not going anywhere, Antyweb won’t turn black and white because of mourning. Don’t wait any longer.

The battery in this watch like this – if it was just to display the time and measure something occasionally – could last up to a week. For me, with several notifications, measurements every 10 minutes and the screen always on (same time displayed non-stop afterwards), it does tip for three days. And this is not bad, because some Apple watches charge daily.

Do I recommend? why not?

It’s a very nice device, and one of the most satisfactory I’ve tested lately. If you have 8 hundred coins in your hands, you want to spend them really well and you like the style of the Amazfit GTR3 Pro (there is a version with a silver strap – IMO better), you will be happy. Let the interface of the application and the watch itself improve, because some monsters attract the eye. Then it will be quite a “miozio”. And let the stability and speed of the Zepp OS improve too: for now I’d give it a rating of 4/6.

But I liked it.

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