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The West looks at Ukraine. This is what the Russians are doing in Syria – O2

The West looks at Ukraine.  This is what the Russians are doing in Syria - O2

On February 24, 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, which led to an immediate reaction from the West, which supported Kyiv on an unprecedented scale.. At the same time, a number of economic sanctions were imposed on the state ruled by Vladimir Putin, which would have made it difficult for the Moscow dictator to conduct military operations.

While the West has been trying to help Ukraine for several months and send military equipment to Kyiv, the tragedy of the Syrians has been going on for more than a decade.. The civil war between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the armed opposition began there in 2011. Over time, Russia became involved in the conflict, sending its mercenaries there, thus keeping Assad in power.

This is how the Russians are killed. The Syrian tragedy continues

Russia launched an air operation in Syria on September 30, 2015, seven years after the Putin regime officially backed Assad’s force. The Russian Air Force, inter alia, took part in the bombing of the city of Aleppo.

The numbers related to the civil war in Syria are worrying. Since Russia’s involvement in this conflict, 4,056 people have lost their lives, including 1,165 children and 753 women. Also, 36 volunteers who helped the Syrians were killed in numerous bombings and shelling. 8,348 people were injured, including 2,141 children and 1,707 women.

The Russian forces, since the beginning of their intervention, have also launched thousands of air raids using the scorched-earth method. Often, the soldiers and mercenaries of the Putin regime, as in Ukraine, used weapons prohibited by international agreements. In this case, we are talking about cluster and incendiary weapons.

After the use of chemical weapons in Syria in August 2013, Western countries wanted to bring about an international intervention led by the United States. However, divisions among the heads of state led to the failure of the plan and other attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic efforts. However, no significant effects occurred. Undoubtedly, the West’s impotence with regard to events in Syria encouraged Putin to attack Ukraine in 2022.

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