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The Witcher: Monster Slayer movie review - review.  Wied?  Min GO or Wied?  Min No?

The Witcher: Monster Slayer movie review – review. Wied? Min GO or Wied? Min No?

about last week lived as you know?? Accurate. Every morning I was checking to see if there were no monsters to kill in the area, I took orders from the big frightened spider peasants and delivered the fruits of the bad endrega effects, blasé elven. When I collected some pots, I bought bigger saddle bags, because the old ones didn’t contain all the ingredients for magic potions and oils. In the evening I would make firecrackers to keep on hand in the morning. I still don’t have a silver sword, and I will likely have another two weeks for that. It was an interesting life, but I lacked a bit of purpose in it.

Go ?? GO . MinuteIt was called because of ignorance killer monsterIt is a very ambitious endeavor. CDPR, through its subsidiary Spokko, creates a game that uses augmented reality and geolocation. So far, studio Niantic has basically succeeded in this area, which has produced two great hits ?? Pokemon GO And the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. No other industry giant what?? Neither Ubisoft nor Rockstar has tried their AR game (well, Microsoft did, but Minecraft world It has just been deleted). So it’s hard to say no to CD Projekt RED? Especially since the company has a proven track record The Witcher Battlefieldie, the portable magician MOB-ê (sounds terrible, doesn’t it?), who died six months after his first show. Will it be better this time, the players will decide? The artists from Spokko created a foundation full of holes to patch up, but it’s solid and functional.

I will tell you right away that I was positively surprised by the CDPR mobilization. monster slayerroy It suffers from all the ills that accompany new businesses of this kind, particularly in the form of a lack of extensive content (which five years ago played in Pokemon GO, that knows what I mean), but in general, this title stands. Soon we will see if this time will be enough to win the hearts of ordinary players around the world.

Expected rating of the game

We decided to postpone the final judgment and give ourselves more time to finish the plot and get to know better killer monster. Initially, my score is 7/10.

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Help or knowledge Mobile description


What is it anyway? It is a mobile game in which the universe is Wade?? Meena intertwined with reality. On the map of our world there are monsters to be defeated and tasks to be completed and the player’s goal is to reach them?? On your feet by bike, scooter or car. As someone would prefer.

Kim Gram? In the game we play the role of a young witch or ?? Wit ?? Minka. We invent the name and appearance of the protagonist ourselves.

Will I see Geralt or Ciri here? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. It is true that I did not complete all the tasks, but among the characters I have met so far I have not seen which one I know?? Be it games or books.

Is it an RPG? No, it’s a mobile game in which we kill a lot of monsters and collect their rewards (to paraphrase the famous song: “Kill them all”). There are short questions here, but it’s not enough to be considered an RPG.

How do you play it

what or what?? More about tasks? The tasks look like this: you come to a place with a question mark and have a short conversation with the character. Then you have to go to the next place (eg to the spider’s nest) and defeat the monster?? This step may be repeated. And finally back to the customer. The entire task takes about 20 minutes, depending on how fast you are.

A review (in preparation) for Wied?  Min: Pogromca potworów - Wied?  Min GO or Wied?  Min No?  Illustration No. 3

Will I get pain from walking while playing? It depends. Contrary to this Pokemon GO There are no mechanics here that reward just walking into a real world with the game running. We are forced to do this mainly through missions, which can only be launched at the indicated points, which are several hundred meters from our current location. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed traveling by public transportation on my way to work. In total Go ?? GO . Minute It is much more effective on a bike or scooter, due to the fact that there are a lot of monsters spawning (the rule to walk for example is a few minutes when there is nothing to do in the game).

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Is it worth playing for the story? No, because although functions are characteristic of ?? Reds?? The fictional twists, in fact, consist of some short phrases and some sketches, so it’s hard to find what? Narrative jewels. I play because I like to collect a lot of things in games (here are the trophies and trinkets for monsters, what kind of achievement).

Is the fight hard? No, it’s very simple, but only if you compare it to PC or console games. In the category of mobile augmented reality titles, this item has a demanding gameplay?? It is not necessarily an advantage. The simplicity of the game while walking will be appreciated.


whether, what Go ?? GO . Minute better than Pokemon GO? Not. At the moment, both popular Niantica games (Pokemon GO And the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite) is better than Wade?? MeenaBecause this person has an underlying illness in childhood that has similar applications?? There is little content and a lot of repetitive grinding. cell phone Go ?? Accurate Please ask for updates that will also add what?? More than just new missions.

Does the game have a pay-to-win model? We do not compete with other players here and you can get everything without paying ?? Only patience decides. The game often encourages you to make purchases, which actually makes the game much easier?? Particularly the problem is the lack of potions, oils, firecrackers and small equipment (expanding them is the first thing I bought) or the lack of special swords and shields. Of course, all this can be obtained with laborious grinding or you can buy it at once, paying zlotys in the store.

Why is it worth it now? Hey, it will be Go ?? Accurate! You can kill a woman in the cemetery here, brew swallows and accept witchcraft orders. It’s also a very ambitious play by CDPR, so if you’re interested in gaming, it’s worth following its fate from your mobile phone.

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Why isn’t it worth it yet? Because so far Go ?? Accurate Go It has very repetitive gameplay, lacks meaningful social functions, and there are also some bugs. In a year it will be a much better game.

Weirdest thing you’ve done?? in the game? I participated in mushroom picking.

A review (in preparation) for Wied?  Min: Pogromca potworów - Wied?  Min GO or Wied?  Min No?  Illustration No. 4

What is the biggest risk to the game’s success? technical problems. Already during the week of testing, the servers worked with a noticeable delay, so on the day of the premiere I’m afraid it will be worse after the premiere. In addition, the app frequently crashes, consumes battery power and contains some bugs.

Will the game succeed? hard to say?? Go ?? Accurate This is not an unofficial brand, and in the mobile game market you must fight for the hearts of Sunday players. on the other side ?? Perhaps this will turn out to be a niche big enough for CDPR’s financial ambitions? Marcin Strzy¿ewski said something interesting in the editorial office: ?? Finally, I will have something to do for a walk with my wife, when you catch a pokemon??.

Corner with tips

What will reveal? the trick? You don’t have to leave the house to move up quickly. It is enough to run the application every several tens of minutes, kill the monsters that are wandering around the area (but those who do not have skulls, for the strongest at first, do not want to drink potions) and turn off the game. After a few days of this fun, you will be chasing your friends away.

Hit level 10 fast ?? It may take a few days, but it’s worth it. This will open the option to clear private trees highlighted on the map. Every day you will be able to kill monsters in three such locations, which will give you 150 orens.