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The Witcher Remake is taking too long. We’ll play Witcher Polaris faster

The Witcher Remake is taking too long.  We'll play Witcher Polaris faster

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of Geralt’s first adventure, CD Projekt RED has announced the work of a whole new version of The Witcher. However, there are many indications that production will not be launched very soon. Taking into account the work schedule, the title may not be released to the market until 2026.

CD Projekt wants to draw a handful of the potential of Andrzej Sapkowski’s universe, so he’s not only working on a new trilogy, but he’s also moving the project to The Molasses Flood studio and watching the full restoration of the first Witcher. The company is waiting for very intense years – after the release of the next generation of The Witcher 3, which is being talked about more and more, it will likely be the time for The Witcher Polaris, a full-fledged AAA RPG, which will start the new series.

During the conversation between Adam Kisinski and Katarzyna Kocharczyk for the editorial office, the question of the order of publication of titles was raised. CD Projekt’s lead representative confirmed that The Witcher Remake will use Polaris technology:

“We indicated that the first three games are the Witcher games – two are codenamed ‘Sirius’ and ‘Polaris’, and the third is a remake of the first Witcher game, originally known as ‘Canis Majoris. We did not give the order, but we confirmed that the new version, which we are creatively observing the lie theory, will be based on “Polaris” technology. Thus the order of the two can be inferred.”

Of course, the company did not indicate the official dates, but we can assume that The Witcher Polaris will be available in 2025 as soon as possible … At the same time, the developers do not hide that the wait may be extended until 2026- 2027. Thus, if We were lucky, the premiere of the remake of The Witcher will take place in 2026.

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Remember, Fool’s Theory isn’t a huge studio that will likely be able to make two AAA games at the same time, and the developers are still working on the mysterious Vitriol.

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