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The worst sweets. They have a devastating effect on health – O2

The worst sweets.  They have a devastating effect on health - O2

Chewy milk candy is rich in sugar, preservatives, trans fats, and other additives. Candy, candy, bars, and iris stick to our teeth, leaving our mouths with substances that nourish the microbes that cause tooth decay.

Another candy to give up is chewing gum. It includes polyisobutylene, which is also used in the production of, among other things, carpets, electrical insulation and pipes. In addition to this harmful substance, it also contains sugar. By chewing gum, we risk decay and provide a favorable environment for dangerous bacteria.

Chewing gum is available in almost all colors and shapes. On store shelves, you’ll find sweet and sour jelly beans with filling, juice, or sprinkles. Unfortunately, for the color, taste and aroma of these popular sweets, artificial aromas, dyes, preservatives, glucose-fructose syrups are necessary for our body. Excess of these ingredients increases the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance and may lead to hyperactivity in younger consumers.

Sweet and crunchy snacks contain trans fats. Regular consumption of delicacies rich in trans isomers increases the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, weight gain and obesity.

Like many other sweets, boiled sweets contain large amounts of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other unhealthy additives. They dissolve slowly, allowing bacteria to convert sugar into harmful acids. In addition, this hard candy can damage the gums and teeth.

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