September 23, 2021

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There are millions more roads in Greater Poland

There are millions more roads in Greater Poland

Voivodeship, Michal Zelensky, today signed new agreements with local government officials from Greater Poland as part of the State Road Development Fund.

The investments carried out under the signed agreements relate to the expansion, construction or reconstruction of roads in the following municipalities: Plesano, Kostrzyn, Odolano, Obatovic, Swarzodz, Konin and Krutoszynski provinces. More than 17 million PLN will go to the beneficiaries.

Today, we are signing new contracts to co-finance roads in our region under the State Roads Development Program. For Wielkopolska in recruitment in 2021, the government of Mateusz Morawiecki has awarded funds of more than 240 million PLN. As a result, more than 118 kilometers of provincial roads and 127 kilometers of municipal roads will be renovated – said Michał Zieliński, voivode of Greater Poland during the ceremony.

When the funds were transferred, the Kunin Buffat district received the largest amount of funding. The signed contract amounted to more than 11 million PLN. Funds will be allocated for the reconstruction of District Road No. 3191P Leśnictwo-Stara Ruda-Nowa Wieś in the Stara Ruda – Talarkowo section.

The Government Roads Development Fund aims, above all, to accelerate the development of modern and safe road infrastructure at the local level. The program also supports the implementation of tasks on roads managed by local government units – Anna Kuchra reports from WUW in Poznan.
Its effect is to improve road safety, reduce the number of road accidents, improve traffic flow, as well as reduce pollution and noise – He adds.

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