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There can be no concessions, excuses, or exceptions. 5 point plan for Ukraine

There can be no concessions, excuses, or exceptions.  5 point plan for Ukraine

“There can be no concessions, excuses or exceptions,” he added.

As the head of the Lithuanian diplomacy stated that Ukrainian forces can expel Russian forces “months in advance” if they have obtained the necessary equipment from day one. “If we arm Ukraine faster, thousands of homes will be in place. Thousands of lives will be saved. Thousands of children will now be safe with their parents. We must recognize the fact that concessions did not contribute to their protection” – he emphasized.

Landsbergis wrote that too The Ukrainian people have done too much to deserve respect.

In five points, he presented a plan that “will help Ukraine to end this war quickly and forever.” According to the Lithuanian Minister, it is necessary:

  1. make available to Ukraine all kinds of advanced Western weapons (MGM-140 ATACMS ballistic missiles, tanks, aircraft);

  2. obligating the international community to create and impose safe zones around the territory of nuclear power plants so that Putin will not use them as a weapon;

  3. He clearly defined the “red lines” and explained to Putin the consequences of crossing them in order to dissuade him from taking his last desperate steps;

  4. Representatives of the International Criminal Court and other institutions should be quickly sent to the lands liberated by the Ukrainians to investigate the crimes committed there;

  5. Ukraine’s rapid integration with NATO and the European Union.

“No more looking at Ukraine with superiority. No more hesitation. No more negotiations with terrorists. Those who questioned Ukraine’s strength should apologize. Ukraine has defended us all, even when some didn’t think it could work. The time has come.” The time is now, so we show our deep gratitude.”

Landsbergis Books.

Source: PAP,

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