October 21, 2021

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"There is a great possibility."  Heine broke the silence about the future in the frame

“There is a great possibility.” Heine broke the silence about the future in the frame

The Polish national team is fighting for the European Championship medals. There are many indications that this is Vital Heynen’s last starring as the White and Reds’ manager. The Belgian in an interview with plusliga.pl indicated his future.

Łukasz Witczyk

Vital Heinen

PAP / Pictured: Vital Heinen

Vital Heinen’s tenure as coach of the Polish volleyball team is almost one of a series of successes. Almost, because the failed Olympics overshadowed his work with the Whites and the Reds. Poland was supposed to win a medal in Tokyo, and finally finished the competition in the quarter-finals.

However, games are becoming a thing of the past. Currently, Poland’s representatives are vying for the Euro 2021 medals. They are already in the semi-finals, where they will play against the Slovenes on Saturday. This is another good tournament for Heynen. The Poles did not lose a match there.

However, it is still not known whether the Belgian will continue to work with the Polish national team. Jacek Kasprzyk, President of PZPS, announced that the contract would not be automatically extended. If Heynen wanted to continue working with employees, he had to enter the competition.

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The Belgian coach who led Poland to the 2018 World Cup appears to have made peace with fate. In an interview with plusliga.pl, he broke the silence about his future.

– My first match as a Polish coach took place in Katowice – it was a match with Canada. And now at the weekend I will be back there again, I do not know if it is my last matches, but there is a high probability – the coach of the Polish national team admitted.

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The Poland-Slovenia match takes place on Saturday 18th September and is scheduled to start at 5:30pm. Streaming on Polsat Sport, TVP 1, WP Pilot and live text coverage will be conducted by the WP SportoweFakty portal.

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