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There is a key on the keyboard that you may have never used

There is a key on the keyboard that you may have never used
Hardware and soft
Jun 22 2022 at 10:20 am

There are several keys on the keyboard that the average user does not use on a daily basis. This set includes Scroll Lock. What is its history and function?

Scroll Lock can still be found On just about any keyboard. If this button is not in a file 60% models And the other mini, ScrLk is Often available as an alternative function to another key. In this case, it can be called up by pressing this button after pressing Fn.

Where is the Scroll Lock button on the keyboard?

If you start looking for a secret button in you keyboardwe suggest that It is located at the top right. Exactly between the Print Screen key and the Pause. Scroll Lock can be written as ScrLk. Same as print screen (PrtSc, Print Scrn). The hero of our article today is a toggle button, just like Caps Lock. This means that The keyboard has a clear indication that Scroll Lock is active. For models with backlight, it usually appears that the button is not lit when the function is turned off. Illumination appears only at the time of activation. On keyboards without backlighting, there are dedicated control LEDs on the cover (board).

There is a key on your keyboard that you may have never used - Illustration 1

On the keyboard (Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S RGB) Scroll Lock is here. Source: Cooler Master

What is the Scroll Lock key?

today Almost useless now, at least for the vast majority of computer users. Scroll Lock is a relic of the past yet From the time of the original IBM PC keyboard (IBM 5150) from 1981. In IBM 5100 laptop It was not there yet.

There is a key on your keyboard that you may have never used - Illustration #2

The XT PC keyboard is from an IBM PC 5150. A lot has changed since the early 1980s (function keys F1, F2, F3, etc. are no longer on the left), but ScrLk is still positioned in a similar place. Source: Deskthority wiki

Scroll Lock was needed when computers were not yet available or not widely available. In ancient times, the operating system was based on text documents and did not have a graphical interface. When viewing long texts with Scroll Lock turned on, the arrow keys were used to scroll the page. When it was deactivated, a pointer appeared on the screen that was also moved by the arrows.

If I wrote this article at a time when I could not use a mouse and would only do everything from the keyboard, After the initial completion of the material, I would like to turn on scroll lock and check the text by scrolling in the document page with the arrows. If I find an error or misspelling, I will toggle the scroll lock and when the cursor appears, navigate to it with the arrows to where you want to make a correction. Today, you just need to click with the mouse and scroll the page with the scroll wheel. I hope I explained clearly to you what it was all about.

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There is a key on your keyboard that you may have never used - Illustration 3

Scroll Lock changes the way the direction keys – common arrows – work. Source: Cooler Master

Currently, you can count the programs that support the original function of the key using the fingers of one hand. The most famous one is undoubtedly Microsoft Excel. When Scroll Lock is on, arrows scroll the page, cascading lines appear, and when Scroll Lock is off, the same arrows allow you to move through cells. This also works with the free LibreOffice Calc peer included in the LibreOffice office suite. Scroll Lock is also used in some Linux distributions.

End this waste!

An unused key can get a new lease on life. Just change its maps. This is possible thanks to the lion’s share of software developed by keyboard manufacturers. In the program, it is often possible to create a macro, the activation of which can be assigned to the ScrLk button.

If you cannot change the key assignments in the software from your model, third-party solutions can help you. Easy to use and lightweight example KeyTweak.

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