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There is a race against time for the health of the little Maga. You can support fundraising!

There is a race against time for the health of the little Maga.  You can support fundraising!

We present the appeal of Natalia, mother of Maja:

Her coming into the world was so complementary to the happiness of our family. In our silent prayers, we always ask for health only for ourselves and for our children. Up until a certain point, Maja developed similarly to its peers. Although balance sheets have been less frequent due to the pandemic, they have not been inaccurate. Unfortunately, the long break in vaccinations and the lack of normal access to health care have combined with troubling symptoms.

My mother’s intuition told me something was wrong. But then she advised to wait, saying that I should not overdo it. And I saw that Maja only sits while she is sitting, does not keep her back straight, does not crawl, and does not try to grab her legs like other children. The first consultations with physiotherapists confirmed my concerns, although at the time there were still suspicions of low muscle tone. The search continued and I was anxiously awaiting the information.

I remember the first time I heard these words: SMA. You cold me. When I received confirmation of the diagnosis on May 17, I was speechless. Until the end, I thought this was a misunderstanding… Yet we faced a brutal reality head-on.

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There is a race against time for the health of the little Maga. You can support fundraising!

“I know that if we do not deal with the disease quickly, hope of saving Majicha will be lost.”

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The first difficult decisions await us – the choice of physiotherapists, the purchase of equipment, further treatment and consultations. Everything is changing at an alarming pace, and we shiver in horror when we think about Maja’s future. One thing we do know is that in order for her body to produce a protein on its own, which it can’t produce now due to a genetic defect, and which is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, gene therapy is necessary. Amazing treatment.

Awareness that every day is important in the fight against disease is very difficult for us, so please help! For support that can give our daughter a chance to get fit and lead a normal life. Instead of trying to sit in a wheelchair, we’ll accompany her through the first steps, so that her breathing is steady and even, and her eating won’t be limited to a plastic tube.

We cannot be alone in this battle – we must win the support of thousands of angels, thanks to whom we will fight for the future of Majeczka. You are the one who can change the fate of our daughter, we depend on you so much!

When Majeczka looks at me with confidence, I feel like screaming. Of helplessness, pain, and horror … Although we have just discovered the disease, every day I understand what we will have to deal with. Fear is growing… I know that if we don’t deal with the disease quickly, hope of saving Majeczka will be lost.

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We put it all in one card.

I am afraid that I will have to control every kilogram of weight to know that giving gene therapy is still possible, because treatment is possible for children weighing up to 13.5 kg. I know we have a long and hard road ahead, but I also know that with your help, anything is possible!

This diagnosis cannot be a judgment. We put everything in one card, so we strive for the best for our daughter. Thanks to you, we can make our dream come true, and thanks to you we can make a miracle and make Majeczka’s life not doomed to suffering, pain and limitations. Your kind heart can change a lot!

You can support a fundraiser for Maja therapy Here!

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