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There is a shortage of specialists in Poland! Forgotten careers are back in its favor

There is a shortage of specialists in Poland!  Forgotten careers are back in its favor

Brewer, founder of bell, paver, carpenter, nanny or bishop – these are the careers that return to the best. They are favored by, among other things, the growing shortage of specialists who go hand in hand in the job market or the fashion of the craftsman. In many occupations, salaries are already satisfactory, and in the future you can still count on increases.

Employee service experts have prepared a list of the 11 occupations that will see a renaissance in the coming years and estimated their chances of increasing wages in the next five to ten years. There is a shortage of specialists with a faculty on hand in Poland. It is derived from, among other things, the professional schools liquidation. Although young people are not necessarily attracted to professions such as carpenters or roofers, experts from employee service indicate that for many a career path is a better career path than still popular fields of study, such as economics or sociology.

Brewer, founder of the bell, blacksmith, roofer, pavers – people who decide to train in these professions can sleep peacefully. In the next five to ten years, there is a high probability of increasing their profits. And now they are not my short. A brewer, that is, a person who makes beer, can currently earn from 4000 to 6000 zlotys. Total PLN, all kinds of add-ons and benefits should be added. Ludwisars who perform, among others bells or statues, earned more than 5,000 zlotys for a few years PLN. Total, and their salaries are increasing year by year. Blacksmiths – especially the professionals among them, such as technical blacksmiths or materials scientists – are paid a little less, but they also have great chances of getting a raise. At the moment, their average earnings are around 4000. PLN total. Bishop owners can also count on a salary increase – their salaries currently range from 3.2 thousand PLN. Up to 7 thousand PLN total, and floor profit of 3 thousand. Up to 6000 total PLN.

A great opportunity to increase salaries is a derivative of the increasing demand for these occupations. In recent years, fermentation is becoming more and more popular, and the fashion for functional design is increasing. The construction industry is also not slowing down, so floors and roofs will still be needed, with the latter having the opportunity to gain more in terms of developing photovoltaics, which are installed on rooftops, gaining more and more popularity – notes Krzysztof Inglot, Chairman of the Staff Service Board.

Provincial, carpenters, carpenters, and masons have moderate opportunities to raise salaries. However, these careers still pay well. Current earnings for nannies are in the range of 3 thousand. Up to 8000 total PLN. It all depends on the competence of the person. Carpenters currently earn from 3.2K. Up to 7 thousand total PLN. On the other hand, a carpenter can count on earnings hovering around 4.5k. Total PLN, builders for 3.4 thousand. Total PLN.

Train drivers and tailors have the fewest opportunities for a wage increase in the next few years. For the former, the development of automation is the main threat. Although the profits so far are very good and are around 3.7K. To more than 6000 total PLN. In the case of tailors, their earnings depend on the number of orders. And they are on average from 3000. PLN up to 5000 total PLN. However, the large and ever-growing competition from Asia already poses a great threat to the original representatives of this profession.


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