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There is no discrimination against Catholic schools

There is no discrimination against Catholic schools

Dave and Amy Carsons from Bangkok, Maine sent their daughter to Bangkor Christian Catholic School. They decided to apply for a scholarship, but were not approved. According to the state’s student support program, those who enroll their children in schools where religion is taught cannot receive it. Carsons was one of three families who sued the authorities. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled that the plan was unconstitutional.

“States cannot exclude religious schools”

Card. Timothy M., Chairman of the American Episcopal Commission on Religious Freedom. Dolan and Bishop Thomas A., chairman of the Catholic Education Commission. Daly did not hide his satisfaction with the sentence.

– The Court rightly ruled that the Constitution protects not only the right to be religious but also the right to practice one’s religion. […] It also reaffirmed that states should not exclude religious schools from public services generally based on their religious affiliation or religious practice. In our pluralistic society, the clergy have emphasized that it is important for all believers to participate in public events and contribute to the common good.

Anti-Catholic “Plain Reformation”

Maine is headed by Senator James G. Plane was a working state in the late nineteenth century. “Plain’s Amendments,” an anti-Catholic amendment to the U.S. Constitution that aims to ensure that public services are not provided to “sectarian” schools. Although it was not voted on in the end, 37 states passed laws restricting funding for religious education.

“This has nothing to do with government neutrality regarding religion, but rather as an expression of hostility towards Catholics. We are grateful that the Supreme Court continues to support this harmful legacy, ”top officials wrote.

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