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There will be a new addition to electricity – support for electric heating! What is known?

There will be a new addition to electricity - support for electric heating!  What is known?

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Prime Minister Morawiki announced on September 15 that there will be an addition to electricity

A new addition to electricity was announced on 15 September by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. This support is for people who use electricity for heating. Electric heating additives work on the same principles as other additives for: coal, wood, pellets, heating oil or wood. How much will the new electricity heating supplement be?

On September 15, during a press conference, Prime Minister Morawiecki presented details of a solution to frozen electricity rates for consumption up to 2000 kWh. as announced A new energy supplement for those who use electricity for heating.

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New addition to electric heating. What is known?

In the case of homes heated with electricity or even with a heat pump, there is no chance of keeping consumption below 2000 kWh. Therefore, the government is planning another energy supplement. This time for people who heat their homes with electricity.

Electricity supplement is directed to homes where the main heat source is an electrical appliance.

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Who is the electric heating accessory?

Electric heating additives are supposed to work similarly to other additives: for coal, pellets, heating oil, wood or LPG. Therefore, every home in which electricity is the source of heat will receive a subsidy. The requirement will be a declaration submitted to CEEB. There will also be the same principle of awarding benefits: One appendix for each residential address.

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How much will supplement heating electricity?

There is no official information yet. Infor reports that the extra cost for people who heat with electricity will be 1000 PLN.

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