October 19, 2021

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There will be no US restrictions on Nort Stream 2.  Marius Basscock: I'm disappointed |  Policy

There will be no US restrictions on Nort Stream 2. Marius Basscock: I’m disappointed | Policy

Management Joe Fiden Nord decided to remove the sanctions against the company involved in the construction of Stream 2. The United States has also resigned from sanctions against its director general, Matthias Warnick. The reasons for this decision were “in the interest of national security.” Tuesday Joe Biden He personally confirmed the news and acknowledged that sanctions would have the “opposite effect”.

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North Stream 2: When you don’t know what money is?

When asked by a Polish radio reporter why the president allowed construction on North Stream 2 to continue, Biden replied: “First, because it’s almost over.” “Besides, it’s not like I’m allowed Germany to do anything. I’m been against Nort Stream 2 from the beginning, but when I took office, the gas pipeline connection was almost over.

Mariusz Passcock criticizes US President’s decision. “Here is a specific paradox”

– I am disappointed by these words, because the President Biden On the one hand, it says it will not impose sanctions, and on the other hand, it says it is against the construction of this gas pipeline, which is not a business plan, but a political one. So here is a specific paradox – the Minister of National Defense said on Wednesday Marius Passcock w DVD Information.

United States. Joe Biden explains the decision on North Stream 2. “Construction is almost complete”

As we wrote in Next.gazeta.pl, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland was not satisfied with the decision of the administration of the President of the United States.It was supposed to be taken United States Actions to stop works. In an interview with NBC News, the embassy spokesman said:

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– Many countries feel Nort Stream2 An activity that has been clearly affected by geopolitics aimed at strengthening Russia’s position as a major gas supplier to Europe. It could also undermine the energy security of Ukraine and the entire region.

The United States has lifted restrictions on the formation of Nort Stream 2

In January 2021, US authorities imposed sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Biden They decided that this was the only way to stop the construction work. This result is American-German Have cooled considerably.

However, the United States reversed its decision and waived sanctions against the company Nort Stream2 AG and its CEO Matthias Warnick – former East German intelligence officer and ally President Russia Vladimir Putin.

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipe Laying.Germany. Most of the respondents were behind the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

While there will be no sanctions against the company, U.S. officials have decided to use them for all four Russian ships involved in laying the gas pipeline. Sanctions were imposed on ships: Academic Chersky, Baltic Explorer, Vladislav Strive and Jurij Topsiu. All nine vessels of the Maritime Rescue Service involved in the mission were subject to additional restrictions.

Pipe laying began in 2018 during the tenure of US President Donald Trump.