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Thermomix has been copied again. Lidl is not a gem

Thermomix has been copied again.  Lidl is not a gem

The competition for the Thermomix-Lidl line continues, and the opponent shows that he is not afraid to be inspired. This is the Monsieur Cuisine Mini, baby food processor.

Monsieur Cuisine Mini is a variant of the base model of this device, namely the popular Lidlomix. The name will indicate that it is just a smaller variant with limited features. But a box. In fact it is game for kidsalthough unusual in that its role is not limited to being a non-functional replica.

Lidlomix game allows you to prepare real meals. With a large number of limitations the largest protoplast, but still. Thus, it refers to Thermomixu TM5 for childrena small robot from the brand Vorwerk launched in 2018.

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Lidlomix for children, or Monsieur Cuisine Mini

The device has dimensions of 197 x 169 x 200 mm and weighs 405 grams. It has a 2.4 inch screen with easy to understand icons. The game allows you to set the time, speed, right / left rotation, turn on the turbo mode, weight and knead the dough, it also has a temperature indicator. The last three items mentioned are just for fun.

Lidlomix small kitchen

In addition, Monsieur Cuisine Mini has a complete cookbook with 5 simple dessert recipes Dishwasher-safe and child-safe accessory set because There is no heating function. According to the manufacturer, the toy is intended for children over 3 years old and should be used under adult supervision.

In Poland, the device appears in Lidl’s price offer from time to time 129-149 PLN. Meanwhile, in Germany, its promotion has intensified, which may indicate that it will end soon as well Our We’ll see some moves on Odra’s side.

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Image source: Lidl

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