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These stations are starting to offer discounts on fuel! They give a high coupon or give up the margin for petrol and diesel

These stations are starting to offer discounts on fuel!  They give a high coupon or give up the margin for petrol and diesel

The fight has begun for the customers and who will provide diesel or cheap gasoline. Fuel is one of the most expensive things in the world right now, and it really carries all the other costs. Whereas in the past you could refuel a few dozen cheap items in large supermarkets, today you can’t see such a difference. But it started showing up! This can be a powerful bargaining chip for many networks.

Diesel and gasoline at much lower prices

Promotions are things that everyone loves. Especially if these are not only beautiful stickers or slogans, but also facts. The truth is for drivers that if they refuel, they will do it cheaper, and the money will still be in their wallet. And in this case it is, and you can save a lot by looking at today’s prices.

To date, the Leclerc and Carrefour chains in France are the leaders in this promotion. The former now sells diesel and gasoline at cost, without charging any margin. Thus, drivers currently pay what they are being paid for in bulk fuel. Supposed to be an attraction to drive to the station near the store and do some shopping there.

On the other hand, Carrefour has prepared a voucher for its customers in the amount of 5 euros, if they fill up at least 25 liters of fuel. Here, too, is much cheaper than at other stations. As local drivers know, there is no “artificial” price inflation, so the discount is only the name of the discount.

Diesel fuel money

We are waiting for such promotions in Poland!

Drivers will certainly be happy if the chain stores prepare some promotion for them, thanks to which they will benefit from the price of fuel. But regular gas stations should go in that direction, too. Although the time period for drivers is certainly not a good one, it is a good time to attract more people.

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However, the movement is always on the side of the relevant departments, as well as on the side of the owners themselves. But if it is possible in other countries, then also in Poland. Especially since the price of diesel and gasoline has recently become a nightmare for drivers. So even these few zlotys of savings can please everyone.

Diesel fuel and gasoline

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