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These three foods raise blood sugar levels. The latter will surprise you – Zdrowie Wprost

These three foods raise blood sugar levels.  The latter will surprise you - Zdrowie Wprost

Blood sugar levels depend on many factors. It is often a result of our diet and eating habits. A menu rich in simple sugars, carbohydrates and starch may lead to disturbances in insulin secretion. If we also don’t pay attention to physical activity and don’t move much, we are on a straight path to developing prediabetes.

What determines the level of sugar in the body?

The level of sugar in the body is determined somewhat genetically (you may be at risk of developing diabetes), but it largely depends on what we eat and what lifestyle we follow. A diet consisting of foods high in sugar (fruits, sweets, juices, and sodas, as well as highly processed foods and fast food) can lead to problems with insulin secretion.

Simple carbohydrates, made from rolls, cake, snacks or fruit, which we often reach quickly, break down in the digestive processes, which increases the level of glucose in the body. It makes us gain energy to function and function properly. However, if this condition persists for a long time, then this is dangerous. The energy boost is temporary, then the sugar level drops quickly, and we feel the need to eat something sweet again. In this way, we can develop prediabetes or even diabetes.

Products that raise sugar levels

However, it turns out that blood sugar levels can be raised not only by sweets or products rich in carbohydrates, but also by those things that are usually not expected. when?

1. Sweet Yogurt

Fruity yogurt is a rich source of sugar and causes a rapid increase in glucose in the body. It is better and healthier to eat natural yogurt with fresh fruits, such as blueberries or berries, from a sweetened product. These yogurts are high in calories and sugars and are therefore not the healthiest food choice.

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2. rice flakes

We often use rice cakes when we want to reduce the calorie content of meals and lose some weight. But it turns out that this could be a mistake, because rice cakes are made of starch. This means that they can raise blood sugar levels and are worth being careful about. It is a big mistake to offer chips to children who often eat them freely, such as cornflakes.

Rice cakes are worth the limit, and if we get to them, eat them with healthy toppings, for example with egg paste or guacamole. This dish will give some nutritional value.

3. Honey

Honey is very healthy and considered a natural antibiotic for a reason. But in addition to being bactericidal, it raises blood sugar levels. After all, honey consists almost entirely of carbohydrates (80 percent!). For this reason, it is good to use it rationally, for example, adding half a teaspoon per day to porridge or tea. Excessive intake of honey can stimulate cravings for sweets, raise the level of glucose in the body and even contribute to weight gain.

In the case of young children, it is also worth remembering that honey can cause an allergic reaction. Until the age of two, it is better not to give honey to children, and if you decide to do this, carefully monitor the reaction of the little organism.

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