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They are young, active and eager to learn. Introducing SimLE from Gdańsk University of Technology

They are young, active and eager to learn.  Introducing SimLE from Gdańsk University of Technology

Marcin Jasiokovic, President of the Association, received a prestigious award this year. – My participation in the engineering business competition of the Polish Space Agency ended with employment at the Gdansk University of Technology. As an engineering project, I submitted a science thesis based on the Stardust Project, which is one of several projects we’re doing as part of the SimLE Scientific Circle. This particular project has been running since 2016. I joined it at the beginning of my studies around 2018. Based on the programs in this project I did my work at university: I learned electronics, team work, individual aspects, how to create a quality project – remember.

Pictured: Marcin Jasiukowicz and Wojciech Wysocki (private archive)

Magdalena Sadowska is also working on Stardust. – I took over the position of project coordinator from Marcin. We are currently working on the Stratospheric Balloon mission as part of the International Stratospheric Balloon Challenge, organized by Dr. Koodziejczyk of AGH University of Science and Technology. The research payload will be provided by the Scientific Department for Astrophysics of the Gdańsk University of Technology. We are currently in the final stages of creating missions and expect to launch them in the second half of November, possibly even the end of this week. She said I personally handle the project’s on-board computer program.

Jacob Japonski, in turn, confirmed that the science constituency he represented wasn’t just working on Stardust. Talk about another project called Team SimBa. – This is a missile project that has been operating since 2017. In it we are dealing with the construction of sounding missiles. In this project, we bring together students and alumni of most departments of the Gdańsk University of Technology and not only, because we sometimes recruit ambitious high school students into our classes. He pointed out that work is currently underway on the R6 rocket, which we plan to launch in the Spaceport America Cup competition in the United States.

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Wojciech Wysocki, in turn, presented the Silver Hand project, and is responsible for it. – This is a 3D printed hand prosthesis project; Its result is an improvement in the quality of life of people who, for financial reasons, are unable to afford a functional hand prosthesis produced by leading manufacturers. We are all accustomed to the new workshop equipment, thanks to which we can have some higher customization possibilities and use different material properties, for example, hardness and elasticity, which greatly increases the degree of adaptation of the prosthesis to the objects being acquired.

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