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They attacked the United States from Ukraine. The broken gang of hacker-extortionists

They attacked the United States from Ukraine.  The broken gang of hacker-extortionists

A group of cybercriminals fell into the hands of police in Ukraine for blocking computers or stealing valuable data and extorting money.

The malicious ransomware they used was used to attack several U.S. targets, including the University of Miami in Florida, the University of Stanford, the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado, but also companies in South Korea and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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In each case, the perpetrators demanded payment for activating the victim’s information technology systems or for not releasing stolen items from the computers. This is a significant amount, because the rates reached 20 million. Interestingly, the U.S. This is the first time law enforcement has announced that a group of hackers targeting targets has been largely detained.

Recently, topics related to cyber security have not made headlines. The increased activity of hackers mainly targets the United States, Western European countries, but also Poland and Ukraine. To date, Russia and North Korea have been cited as the main sources of such attacks, although according to data from companies specializing in cyber security, the largest global traffic attack on servers came from the United States.

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It turns out that Ukraine is also a major source of such crimes. This gang known as the broken Cl0p in Kiev has made a lot of money. During the detention, luxury cars (Tesla and Mercedes) and a total of 185,000 rupee notes were secured by hackers. Toy. The losses caused by their actions are very high and are estimated at US $ 0.5 billion. Police say the group was behind the attacks on at least 57 companies, 39 of whom were victims in 2021 alone. The six hackers arrested face up to eight years in prison.

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