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They discovered a metal unknown to mankind, including the precious helium-3

They discovered a metal unknown to mankind, including the precious helium-3

this metal Changes- (Y). We are dealing here with a new phosphate mineral. It was discovered in particles of lunar basalt. It must be strongly emphasized here that the changes are the new sixth metal identified by man on the Moon. Samples of this mineral were obtained by the Chang’e-5 probe in 2020 and delivered to Earth for laboratory analysis.

Just a few days ago, scientists discovered it in samples, and it wasn’t an easy task. The Chinese had to analyze as much 140,000 different particles, and the exposed crystal itself has a radius of only 10 microns. Thanks to the new discovery, the Middle Kingdom has joined the Russians and Americans as a third nation that can be proud of the discovery of a precious metal on the surface of the natural satellite of our planet.

As the Chinese announced, these are only the first traces of the implementation of their historical plan to explore this object. It turns out that Chinese space agency Planning new research missions to the Moon. They will be inspired by a new and valuable discovery. As reported by Bloomberg, a value was also found in the Changesith-(Y) sample. helium 3.

CNSA is already planning its next mission. It must be her Chang’e-6. During this, the probe will land on the side of the lunar surface that is not visible from Earth and begin to search for valuable resources. Once you get rich, the mission will return to Earth. Scientists hope that more helium-3 will appear in the samples.

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The government wants Search for valuable resources on the moonthat can be mined through space mining. The Chinese make it clear that the goal is to get more helium 3, which is ideal for the latest fusion reactors. Thanks to it, it will be possible to satisfy even the largest energy needs of the country and bases on foreign facilities.

Likely to form in these valuable geological regions on the Moon The first human colonies. China wants to send the first person to the Silver Globe in 2026. However, the mining business will start with robots and special mining machines. People should do research that is done directly on the moon.

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