October 19, 2021

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They earn 13 thousand.  PLN?  Gwen: They won't pay any more taxes

They earn 13 thousand. PLN? Gwen: They won’t pay any more taxes

– I still support the Polish system and (…) the new tax solutions that contain a tax-exempt amount at a very high level which means that 18 million Poles will pay less tax. But that solution has to be supplemented by something that’s been called — some people talk about Gwen’s relief, but I call it a middle-class relief,” Gwen said.

– What we have agreed with our partners from Law and Justice is a proposal for an agreement – when it comes to people working under an employment contract – those who earn up to 13 thousand. PLN, they did not pay a single zloty more in taxes – he said.

On the other hand, after the epidemic or during the epidemic, we must contribute to the health service of the wealthy like myself, the Deputy Prime Minister added.

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He told Gwen that talks are now underway about the mechanisms that should be put in place so as not to raise taxes on entrepreneurs “significantly”. – I made such proposals with my experts – said the head of MRPiT. He believed that part of the proposal would be accepted by his coalition partners, independent experts or trade organizations.

The Deputy Prime Minister indicated that on Thursday he began extensive consultations with the world of entrepreneurs, but that he will also consult on these solutions with trade unions. A meeting of the Social Dialogue Council will be held soon.

When asked if he would leave the government if his proposals for “Gwen’s Relief” were not passed and the Polish Order was passed, for example, by votes of the left. If I were to vote regularly with the opposition, or if the Law and Justice Organization voted regularly with the left, it would likely lead to the collapse of the coalition. I am saying the obvious here and I hope – even I am firmly convinced – that this scenario can be avoided. In any case, I will do everything in my power to prevent such a situation – I declare.