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They help stop Russia. They are intimidated by the Belarusian services – O2

They help stop Russia.  They are intimidated by the Belarusian services - O2

Although the regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko supports the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, many Belarusians oppose the invasion of Ukraine. They are trying to sabotage the behavior of their authorities and support their southern neighbors in various ways. Representatives of the ministries of the Belarusian power decided to take care of “stray” citizens.

Services destroyed the apartment of the blogger’s mother. “Lukashenka’s fascist gang”

Belsat describes that the Belarusian special services recently searched the apartment of Anton Matulko’s mother. The blogger collects and provides information on the movements of Russian troops in Belarus on a daily basis. During the inspection, the apartment was completely demolished. Pictures available on the channel supporting the regime of Alexander Lukashenko show that the officers broke dishes, broke a vase against the wall or broke furniture.

That’s all you need to know about the “strong commander with iron balls” (Alexander Lukashenka – editor) and his fascist armed gang, who, two years after my departure, “not afraid of anything”, took revenge on my mother born in 1951. But we will clean and repair it completely – Anton Matulka commented himself.

The blogger is the author of the “Biełaruski Hajun” channel on Telegram. You can send anonymous information about the movements of Russian soldiers to her. The information was valuable intelligence when Russian forces entered Ukraine from the Belarusian side.

They paralyzed Russian railways. They even face the death penalty

The rail transport of the Russian troops was paralyzed by the so-called partisans of the railways – report of Belsat journalists.

The Investigative Committee of Belarus has detained the case of a 29-year-old man from Svetahorsk. Two friends, aged 33 and 51, were arrested with him. It is alleged that the men took part in the operation “Piramoha” (in Polish means “victory”), the purpose of which was to destroy the infrastructure in the Gomel region.

Investigators claim that on the night of March 1, 2022, the defendants set the cabinet on fireWhich could have had serious consequences, including railway accidents and the death of passengers. Losses were estimated at 55 thousand. rubles (about 73 thousand PLN).

The men were accused of belonging to an extremist formation, committing an act of terrorism, blocking the use of railroads, and treason. The investigative committee says the men are cooperating with the judiciary. However, they face the death penalty for their crimes.

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