July 28, 2021

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Holenderski Urząd ds. Konsumentów i Rynków (ACM) ukarał grzywną w wysokości prawie 20 mln euro włoską firmę farmaceutyczną, która podniosła cenę leku na rzadką chorobę z 46 do 14 tys. euro.

They raised the price of the property from 46,000 to 14,000. euro. They got a huge fine

The Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) has fined an Italian pharmaceutical company nearly 20 million euros, raising the price of a drug for a rare disease from 46,000 euros to 14,000 euros. euro.

Italian Leadiant since 2008. Drug produces for rare metabolic disease xanthomas (CTX). As defined by the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority, The price of a drug called CDCA-Leadiant has gradually increased from $46,000 to $14,000. Euros for 100 capsules.

ACM announces it Patients are completely addicted to the drug They must take it for the rest of their lives.

The regulator said the company abused its dominant monopoly position to “get rich at the expense of patients and society”. Therefore, ACM imposed a fine of €19,569,500 on Leadiant.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers who bring innovative, low-cost medicines to market make a significant contribution to society where they can also earn money – says Martijn Snoep, President of ACM quoted in the press release. Here we see something completely different. Leadiant has significantly raised the price of a long-term property with limited investment and little risk. No innovation at all Snoep says.

The company may appeal the decision of the office.

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