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They selflessly save health and life. Saturday donate blood to us Kartuzy

They selflessly save health and life.  Saturday donate blood to us Kartuzy

They realize that they hold the most valuable medicine. They altruistically share it with others – patients and accident victims. They save human health and life. Of course we are talking about blood donors who did not fail again and turned up in large numbers at the blood donation center in Kartuzi on Saturday. It was the last Saturday action of the year, and it happened as part of Honorary Blood Donation Days.

My blood donation was delayed last Saturday this year. On Saturday morning, 24 people visited the blood donation point in Kartozi, 18 of whom were able to donate blood. Thus, the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Therapy in Gdansk has acquired more than eight liters of this fluid that brings hope and saves lives.

– I would like to thank all the blood donors for coming to the blood donation station in Kartozzi on Saturday morning and sharing the blood donation. I also thank all those who have been with us all year, all those who save the health and life of another human being by donating blood. Thank you for dedicating your free time to helping others, supporting the seriously ill and in need of blood – this affirms youth. Bowie Gawain, HDK Club President working at KP PSP in Kartuzy.

Let’s add that November is a special month for blood donors. During this period, the days of the honorary blood donation of the Polish Red Cross fall. This year, the Blood Donation Festival falls from November 22 to 26.

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Dear Honorary Blood Donors, On the occasion of the upcoming days of honorary blood donation, the Honorary Working Blood Donors Club of the County Headquarters for the State Fire Service in Kartozzi would like to thank all the blood donors and close supporters of the association. The idea of ​​an honorary blood donation for your most important gift, thanks to which many patients have recovered. Thank you for your exemplary attitude. For the fact that, without waiting for reciprocity, you share a part of yourself with people who depend on this altruism and selflessness. We wish you a lot of strength, health and positive motivation, which leads to active participation in the initiatives of our club and the regional center for blood donation and blood treatment in Gdansk, the regional branch in Kartuzzi. We would also like to extend our best wishes and thanks to the staff of the local administration of the blood donation and blood processing station in Kartuzi for a very kind service, kindness and very good cooperation – on behalf of the HDK Club of KP PSP in Kartuzi, President of the Asia Pacific Youth Association. Bowie Gawain.

We would like to remind you that blood can also be shared from Monday to Friday at the local branch of the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Therapy in Kartuzy (in the District Health Center in Kartuzi from 7.00 to 12.00.

It is worth remembering once again that blood is a rare commodity. The most valuable medicine that cannot be replaced. The huge amount of accidents and surgical procedures mean that blood is needed every minute, on average for one in ten people in the hospital. Donating blood usually takes several minutes and one unit of blood can save up to three lives.

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They selflessly save health and life. Donating blood on Saturday is behind us.

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