October 21, 2021

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They sell American nuclear secrets in peanut butter sandwiches - Super Express

They sell American nuclear secrets in peanut butter sandwiches – Super Express

They sell American nuclear secrets in peanut butter sandwiches

The treacherous engineer took US military secrets in peanut butter sandwiches and sold them to foreign governments! Jonathan Toby, 42, and his wife, Diana, 49, dropped out when they started working with an alternative FBI agent. It’s about nuclear-powered submarines!

Does a peanut butter sandwich endanger global security? When it’s done, totally! In the United States, spouses were arrested when their husbands worked in the military and decided to start a different family business using access to secret information about nuclear submarines. He specialized in calming such ships, which made it very difficult to find enemies. Jonathan Tobey, 42, and his wife, Diana, 49, were to send a spy offer abroad – the country was not specified. They offered to buy the information. He had to read abroad the documents he had taken from his work on a memory card hidden in a peanut butter sandwich.

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As the Daily Mail writes, the foreign government looked at the documents sent by the traitor … and returned them to the US government after the last presidential election. The federal companies then carried out a provocation and offered another cryptocurrency transaction and fee to the engineer. He admitted that when enough evidence was gathered that his wife was cooperating against him, the spouses were arrested. They have been threatened with up to 10 years in prison.

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