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They tortured the residents of Bokza. Photos and names of the Russian perpetrators were published

Zidentyfikowano 10 rosyjskich wojskowych uczestniczących w torturowaniu mieszkańców podkijowskiej Buczy - poinformowała prokurator generalna Ukrainy Iryna Wenediktowa. W sieci opublikowano zdjęcia i nazwiska sprawców.

10 Russian military personnel involved in the torture of residents of Bokza near Kyiv have been identified, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Wendiktova, reported. Pictures and names of the perpetrators were published on the Internet.

Crimes in Bokza – 10 Russian military personnel identified in connection with the torture of civilians – Wenediktowa wrote on Facebook.

She added that the chief of the 64th Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Russian Ground Forces in which they serve Russian President Vladimir Putin He gave the nickname “Gwardyjska”. Thank you from the President for the great heroism, and in the language of the civilized world – for war crimes – and this is proof of that Crimes in Bokza It was a job from above they did. And most importantly – the joint responsibility of the commander in chief for the actions of soldiers – The prosecutor confirmed.

Prosecutors of the Bokzani Prosecutor’s Office gave the deserved title to the suspects in the torture of the population and other cases of breaking the law and customs of war to the first 10 soldiers of this brigade Armed Forces of Russia Handed over to Wenediktowa and published their names. I also attached photos of military personnel at the entrance.

Investigators found that during Determine the occupation of Bokza People were taking to capturing Unarmed civilians starved them and did not give them water. They forced them to kneel with their hands tied and their eyes tied with duct tape. They were intimidated and beaten. People were beaten for information about the deployment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Regional Defense Forces. Some – As Wenediktowa added – They were tortured for no reason.

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The wounded were threatened with death and the hostages were liquidated by shooting them.

Wenediktowa reported that the Ukrainian side also has proof of this The army robbed the localsThey took their personal belongings and household utensils.

She noted that investigators were checking whether they were responsible for the killing of civilians in Bokza.

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