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They want to review expenses. Is Ukraine the 51st country in the United States?

They want to review expenses.  Is Ukraine the 51st country in the United States?

The information was provided by CNN. According to the station’s report, he is the face of this initiative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who declared in early November under the Republican government that “Ukraine will not have a dime”.

A group of congressmen wants an audit

And the politician announced during the press conference, Thursday, that she would make another attempt to force a vote on a resolution obliging the Biden administration to provide all documents related to the aid provided to Ukraine so far.

The politician said opposition to Kyiv’s support was growing in the Republican Party. – Is Ukraine now the 51st state of the United States of America and what is Zelensky’s position in our government? Marjorie Taylor Greene asked during the conference.

Congressman Matt Gates, who attended the conference, added that the days of endless transfers of money and military equipment to Ukraine are numbered.

American aid to Ukraine

The United States is one of Ukraine’s main allies in its war with Russia. The United States provided the government in Kyiv with several multi-billion dollar military aid packages, and also launched a lending and leasing program for it, allowing the supply of weapons on a “fast-track administrative route.”

On Thursday, CNN reported that the US Some of the advanced weapons and ammunition systems they promised to supply to Ukraine are missing.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder responded when asked by CNN that the US will continue to support Ukraine “for as long as necessary,” adding that any arms shipments to Kyiv would not diminish US defense capabilities.

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Republicans with a majority in the House of Representatives

In the United States, the vote counting in the November 8 election is far from over. However, it is known that Republicans will regain the upper hand in the House of Representatives.

On Thursday, US media reported that the Republicans won the necessary 218 votes to obtain a majority in the House of Representatives. The final results may even be known in a few weeks, because vote counting is still underway in several states.

At the moment (Friday 19.00 Polish time) the Republicans have won 218 seats and the Democrats 212. There are still seven duels between the candidates of both parties to be settled.

A Republican victory in the House means that the new president will most likely be the current party leader in the chamber, Kevin McCarthy, who was supported by a majority of the party’s legislators in an internal vote.

McCarthy announced that the Republican Party’s victory in Congress means the end of writing “blank checks” for Kiev.

early After fierce competition, a decision was made in the Senate. In this chamber, the Democrats managed to maintain a minimal majority.

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