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They were hailed as “the most beautiful twins in the world”. This is what the Clements sisters look like today (photos)

They were hailed as "the most beautiful twins in the world".  This is what the Clements sisters look like today (photos)

Ava Marie And the Leah Rose Clements Born in 2010. Their mother, Jack Clements, who has promoted the girls, has argued in interviews that her children have been admired almost since they were born. Barely six months old, the twins had an agency in Los Angeles. However, after a few months, Zhao changed her mind and said that they were too young and didn’t want to spoil their childhood.

Years later, however, the topic of modeling returned, and Ava And Leah, at the age of seven, faced the camera againIt caused quite a stir on social media. The mother created an Instagram account for the twins and soon a collaboration was suggested.

today Their Instagram profile has 1.8 million followersAnd girls can’t complain about the lack of professional displays, because almost every profile picture features a different brand. The effects of the photo sessions they participate in are shown on Instagram. Jack also reports on the life of the Clements family.

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In 2019, the girl’s father was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma. At that time, you can also see the effects of the girls’ collaboration with the DKMS Foundation. The father managed to recover.

My daughters are fine. They are happy, have a wonderful childhood with lots of friends to play with every day. One situation does not determine their quality of life. They’re playing and they seem good at it – He was quoting the phrase “Daily Mail”.

See what Ava and Leah look like now.

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beautiful girl. and what? I’m sick of beauty being the greatest advantage in this world.

How can you say that someone is the most beautiful child or woman in the world, if you have not seen all the living in this world?

The younger ones were the prettier

Now they are very normal

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You haven’t seen my Toska!!!

Believe me, my daughter is beautiful!

I don’t know if this overemphasis on appearance will benefit me or not. These are the kids and they are already making money. Wondering if parents make money or just kids?

Average, beautiful eyes only, although one is staring.

They were the beautiful Olsen twins

Our regional twin and the most beautiful and local Piróg!

The mother pays herself on the label, but it is clear that these girls have the eyes of their father 🙂

Filters A to Z Cozy Paula! For Photoshop kids, it doesn’t fit in your head!

In my opinion, they are beautiful. lovable. I wish them a good life.

Honestly, this boy is the cutest!

The parents are beautiful and the girls are beautiful. One has a slight around.

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