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They will get the lithium out of the salt water. One lake will cover 40 percent. global demand

They will get the lithium out of the salt water.  One lake will cover 40 percent.  global demand

A new technique for extracting lithium from salt water It could revolutionize the production of batteries and accumulators. This is to prevent a sharp rise in prices and a slowdown in the production of electric cars and other technologies based on the metal, such as batteries for solar energy technologies Tesla Powerwalls, Science magazine notes.

Scientists have developed a method for extracting the precious metal using electrodes It will enable large-scale extraction of lithium from oceans, seas and salt lakes, while reducing environmental damageDue to current production based on open-pit mines or evaporation ponds.

As the magazine explains, salt water It contains 5 thousand. times more lithium than can be mined on Earth.

Along with the dynamically increasing demand for these raw materials, fears have arisen of running out of the accumulated resources in a few countries around the world. Worldwide, more than 160 thousand. tons of lithium. in more than 70 percent. It is used in the production of batteries. In the last decade, its consumption has increased by almost a quarter, and in the following years, along with the development of renewable energy sources and the need for energy storage and ecological engines, demand will increase even more.

Lithium revolution at the gates

Although the oceans It can contain 180 billion tons of lithium, and the problem is that it is very thin. As “science” indicates, it is present in salt water at about 0.2 ionic parts per million.

newly However, scientists were able to update the performance of lithium ion electrodes In such a way as to selectively separate the lithium ions from the sodium, thereby increasing the recovery of the required metal from the brine.

Lithium valley over dead lake

Advances in the technology of extracting lithium from salt water could lead to the resurgence of one of the most awkward areas in the United States, where an ecological catastrophe has occurred, destroying not only the rich ecosystem, but also the famous tourist area of ​​\u200b\u200bSalton Lake.

As CNBC writes, today There are already 11 geothermal power plants operating on the lake, 10 of which belong to Berkshire Hathaway’s renewable energy division, BHE Renewables. Three other companies are developing chemical processes to extract lithium in a much cleaner way, using the lake’s rich resources.

In the Lake District, lithium projects have also been developed by EnergySource and Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR), a The interest in the auto industry is so great that General Motors has committed to the lithium source of CTR.

As CNBC points out, “Lithium Valley” is being built in the Salton Sea region, and with new technology, its potential is enormous. According to scientists, only this one American lake can meet all of the expected future US demand for lithium and 40 percent of it. the scientist.

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