September 22, 2021

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This is a giant cable. Google has linked the United States with Europe

Internet company Google has announced that its new private submarine fiber optic cable “Grace Hopper”, which runs between the United States and Europe, has landed in the southwest of the UK.

New cable construction with 16 pairs of threads and innovative switching technology Optical fibers, Started last year and is expected to end in 2022. It is over 6,000 km and runs across the Atlantic. Eventually, it will run between the United States (New York), Great Britain (Pud, Cornwall) and Spain (Bilbao).

Google announced on its blog that cable would provide greater reliability and efficiency in global communications, “allowing traffic to be better in the event of a power outage.” The new cable is capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 340Tbps.


Named after the pioneer in wire computer science Grace Hopper (1906-1992), is best known for working on one of the first compilers important for the development of the COBOL programming language.

Photo source: © Google

The cable construction contract was signed early last year with submarine cable supplier Subcom, based in Edontown, New Jersey. Significant progress has been made since then and the cable foot landing at Cornwall marks the completion of the maritime section from the United States to England. The second episode of Linking with Bilbao in Spain ended earlier this month.

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