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“This is about **********.” Polish actor drama. “Chiczycy was fun in Squid Game”

"This is about **********."  Polish actor drama.  "Chiczycy was fun in Squid Game"

how did that happen? – Our player has the green light lit. The announcer announced that he might be driving, but the toll gate did not open. Our competitor will hit her at high speed – he said in an interview with onet Janusz Tatera, General Secretary of the Polish Toboggan Sports Federation.

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The brutal fall of Tande at Planica. ‘It was a very strong blow’

– I once heard that I have a summer for the fourth vortex, because what happened to Matthews. It turned out that he took off, and below him was a mixture of male and female tracks. There are tubes blocking one of these paths. ChichiseseWhoever stood there, however, did not open this security – said Sochowicz coach, Marek Skowroski.

There is a decision on the transfer of the World Cup in running! Great news for Polish fans

Sochovich’s injury is serious. The coach does not utter words. “The most important thing is that no one gets sick.”

The coach commented sharply on the event. full responsibility for incident She blames the regulators. – That’s a big one……..o. The most important thing is that a person does not get sick COVID-19 Nor the safety of the players. What they did to him was less than criticism. I will probably get there in about 20 minutes, because you have to walk a bit on this path love. I’m also years old, and breathing doesn’t get any easier with a mask. When I got there, Matthews was still lying on the ice. Those who stood by him did not know what to do with him. As if this were not enough, he came to the shore, not wanting him on a stretcher, but on his shoes, he had no hands. He almost fell on Matthew. He said what they were doing there was a tragedy onet Polish coach.

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Now the pole is facing surgery in China. Unfortunately the season is over. – Matthews is in the hospital. it’s known. she has open jam Left leg bone. Tatira said he also has pain in his right knee and pelvis. After the tests, it was found that the pain in the knee was caused by a fracture of the patella. Examinations showed no damage to the pelvis.

Mount Everest queues They tried to climb Mount Everest without any support. There was a drama on the way to the top

Mateusz Suchowicz is the best Polish bobsled in singles competition. He is a multiple medalist Polish Championship. Together with the rest of the Polish team, in December last year, he finished third in the relay in the competition world Cup in Oberhof. Last season Nations Cup In one, he took third place in the overall rating. Participated in Winter Games in Pyeongchang. After his speaking there was a lot of noise around him, for he would go to the track without a mask on his face, because he was the one who got lost in it.

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