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This is certain. These will be the earnings for the month of July. We have accounts, check the total amount you will earn and within reach with a tax reduction of up to 12%. [3.05.2022]

You will earn more without the increase.  As of July, you'll pay 12 percent instead of 17 percent.  tax.  We have the exact accounts [17.04.2022]

An increase without an increase? Yes, in less than three months, starting in July, most Poles will earn higher salaries without applying for a raise from their boss. Thanks to the first tax cut from 17 percent. It goes up to 12 percent because we’ll pay lower taxes, which means higher “on hand” payments. We calculated how much people will earn depending on the total amount guaranteed by the employment contract – from the lowest to very high salaries. So check out how much you’ll get in July and the following months!

At times when high prices from week to week consume almost all reserves and savings, any form of financial cushion is highly desirable. This would certainly be reducing the first rate of the personal income tax schedule from 17 to 12 percent. Except for the group of persons whose annual taxable income does not exceed 30,000 PLN. PLN (because this is the total amount exempt from PIT), the tax reduction means that for every 100 PLN earned, it will be an additional 4.55 PLN in wallets (total PLN 5 minus 9% of the health insurance premium).

Complex relief for the middle class to cushion the shock of the 7.75% increase. Tax exemption (in fact, the abolition of the right to deduct almost the entire tax contribution) led to confusion, and along with misunderstanding regarding the determination of the submitted tax (PIT-2) led to the failure of the entire tax reform. It is good, then, for the government to simplify the issue of personal income tax by admitting the error.

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The improvement of the Polish tax order was supposed to concern mainly businessmen and other groups of taxpayers affected by the lack of the right to tax exemption for the middle class. It ends with the abolition of this exemption and the reduction of the first tax threshold of 17 percent. up to 12 percent – for all. Since this exemption was supposed to be a shield against the effects of eliminating the right to deduct almost the entire health insurance contribution from taxes, what will be the effect of the new changes especially for those who, unlike everything else, lose middle class relief, i.e. those who earn full-time jobs Full? Who will win and who will lose?

A loan from the family often ends in problems in the office …

It is not as simple as it seems at first glance – if it was just a reduction in the tax rate, then everything would be clear. However, at the same time, the middle class benefit will be abolished – by the way, after only a few months of work – and will cease to provide protection. This means that lowering the tax rate itself will in many cases produce less tax-exempt liquidation and the balance may be negative rather than positive. Therefore, it is worth analyzing specific accounts.

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