October 19, 2021

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This is how Adam Meais lives!  look at the pictures

This is how Adam Meais lives! look at the pictures

At the end of August, the next season of the program “Taniec z Gwiazdami” began, in which Isa Macs participated. Due to frequent rehearsals and recordings, the Małysz family was forced to move from their hometown of Wisła to Warsaw for some time.

Perhaps such a change was not easy for the spouses – after all, they were born and raised in Wissoua, got married there in 1997, and they live there to this day. Isabella recently admitted that living in the capital, and in her small town, is a completely different world.

– She said recently in an interview with us.

Dance partner Stefano Terrazino does not hide that the most important thing in life for her is family and that is why she tries to spend every free moment at home with her husband, daughter and, most recently, son-in-law. A few weeks ago, Carolina Maces got married, and the wedding gave my parents a lot of joy and affection.

The house is spacious and elegant, so it may seem empty now that the couple’s only daughter has moved in. Time spent in the spacious garden and cozy interior will certainly not make Małysz sad for long.

See how Małyszowie lives!

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