July 28, 2021

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This is how Dariusz Szpakowski reacted to the postponement of the Euro 2020 final

This is how Dariusz Szpakowski reacted to the postponement of the Euro 2020 final

comment cast Euro 2020 On TVP is one of the hottest topics in recent days. Originally, the duo was supposed to comment on the European Championship final Dariush Szpakovsky & Andrzej Juskowiak, but – probably Because of so much hate on the internet – Marek Zkolnikovsky, director of TVP Sport, decided to replace them with a couple Matthew Borek & Kazimierz Węgrzyn. – Szpakowski will not comment on the final. We talked and decided it would be the best solution for the TVP Sport team. The past few weeks have been very difficult for Darek emotionally and he needs peace. We can hear each other on the microphone while rowing and rowing during the Olympics – Szkolnikowski wrote on Twitter.

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President Darrick pushed him away after the wave of hate on the Internet. Szkolnikowski accepts criticism sensitively. It is a pity, because Darek is a professional and brilliant man – an anonymous TVP Sport journalist revealed during an interview with the newspaper “Fakt”. in return Szczakowski’s wife Grażyna Strachota . added:- Very kind words of support reach us and give us strength. Something like this is always welcome and thank you for that. This undoubtedly shows that what you did for so many years made sense. However, this was not about the lack of Darius’ ability or strength. It is in good condition. However, I will not go into details and break it down into prime factors. There will be a time for everything… This is a surprising situation.

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Strachota added that at the moment it is not certain whether Szpakowski will actually comment on canoeing and canoeing during the Olympics, Szkolnikowski announced.

“Dariusz Szpakowski has a grudge against netizens”

The fact that Szpakowski is disappointed with Szkolnikowski’s decision is also mentioned by Dariusz Faron of the “WP Sportowe Fakty” portal. – He tested TVP Sport’s management decision a lot, and he felt sidelined. He wanted to say goodbye to the audience, commenting on the final of the great tournament, because it would be the perfect culmination of his rich career. Szpakowski has a grudge against netizens who have criticized him sharply. During the tournament, the commentator continued to receive his work. Among other TVP Sport employees, one can also hear the opinion that, although he made mistakes, the volume of criticism was certainly too high. The commentator also negatively received the opinion of the TVP Sport director about “emotionally difficult weeks” and “the need for peace”. He thinks he’s ready for the final and his health is fine. We read in the article.

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In addition, some fans believe that Szkolnikowski is inconsistent. When Rafał Wolski in collaboration with TVP Sport finished his work Euro 2020Many fans were disappointed and insisted that the former channel commentator receive some matches. Then Szkolnikowski wrote on Twitter: “But you know there is a real world outside tt? One where a certain word and handshake matter, where respect for employees is mandatory, and decisions are made with the interests of 38 million Poles in mind and not Twitter?”. And when TVP Sport host Seluia Deckert was criticized for making unfortunate remarks in the studio match during the heartbreaking incident with Christian Eriksen, Szkolnikowski publicly defended her. But Szpakowski did not receive popular support, although he had been working for TVP since the early 1980s.

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