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This is how Philip Schägers acts crazy when passing Warsaw, violating traffic regulations (photos)

This is how Philip Schägers acts crazy when passing Warsaw, violating traffic regulations (photos)

Photojournalists caught “Dzie Dobry TVN” presenter as he was forcing other road users to give way by driving along a solid line on the Warsaw bypass.

Philip Chagser He hasn’t had a streak lately. Since Pudelek published photos of his nightly attempt with a “secret friend”, the name of the journalist practically did not appear from the front pages of the newspapers. The public is watching chaos in his private life. I remember that while dating a woman with chestnut hair Shagser was still officially linked to the mother of his child, Małgorzata Walczak. We must remember that Edward Mesczak He officially announced his departure from TVN, and the new bosses may have a less lenient attitude towards Philip’s antics. It goes without saying that all kinds of moral sensations in his private life are not suitable for him at the moment.

Unfortunately, it appears that even targeting by the media, Philip He can’t completely stop himself from making more blunders. Recently, paparazzi caught a journalist outside the studio Good morning TVN. When Philip got into his Skoda Kodiaqu RS for more than 200,000 zlotys, the paparazzi decided to follow him. Schagzer left the beltway of Warsaw and must have left his thoughts behind the wheel, because only at the last moment he took the exit to Pozna, which he was interested in. Unfortunately, this was related to Crossing a solid line, entering a traffic-free area and imposing priority…

Such police reports, not boxes lol

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Relax, people from tvn have judges in their pockets.

Because they’ve already turned their heads from their star-calling, and they think I let everything go.

Send your guests on an extended unpaid vacation and there will be peace

I drive more than 250 km / h, thanks to which no one follows me and the radars do not take pictures

In Warsaw, there are Muscovites who clap like that, so they do whatever they want

You don’t have your life and you don’t break traffic rules? Probably not because they didn’t give you a driver’s licence…

All this is going in the wrong direction. Let’s not be a nail……. pass.

I just noticed how his captain grudgingly refers to him, these usually fake smiles are unimaginable!

As the father of a child who died in a road accident, he is completely lacking in thinking. Does he want to be the next victim or the killer behind the wheel who will kill another child?

Really, either the paparazzi shot it or the vultures wanted it exciting. If he breaks the rules, give a video to the police.

Let me tell you, it’s not very pretty.

I wonder when will be the next drop in this gentleman’s release

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