October 18, 2021

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This is how Teresa Lipusca lives.  Hard to believe!  - O2

This is how Teresa Lipusca lives. Hard to believe! – O2

“Super Express” decided to remember how Teresa Lipowska lived. It turns out that the star “M jak miłość” has not decided to raise the standard of living for years.

The actress still lives in one of the apartments in Ursynów in Warsaw. I moved there 20 years ago. In an interview with “SE” she explained why she decided to leave the house to live in an apartment building.

I thought we would never leave my beloved house. However, when my son got married, he said he wanted to live separately, and my husband Tomasz and I realized that we wouldn’t be able to do that, because the house – you know – required renovation or even cleaning – Leposca admitted.

What does Teresa Lipusca’s apartment look like?

The daughter-in-law of the actress is responsible for arranging the actress’s apartment. I invented, for example, a wardrobe or a small kitchen. The actress fell in love with her apartment. There are many elements that are of particular importance to her. It is about family photos, flowers and various figurines.


It often happens that old people see a lot of unnecessary things, but those things with which they lived are part of their lives. I also have a lot of such souvenirs – angels, sometimes I get them, sometimes I buy them myself, and a heart, because that’s what my husband called, “the heart” – emphasized Teresa Lipusca.


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