October 21, 2021

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This is how TVP promotes the Euro broadcast.  Controversial advertising spot.  "How bad is that on so many levels?" [WIDEO]

This is how TVP promotes the Euro broadcast. Controversial advertising spot. “How bad is that on so many levels?” [WIDEO]

TVP Sport Director Marek Zkolnikovsky posted on Twitter an advertisement promoting the fact that the European Championship 2020 will be broadcast on its channels. This video is highly controversial. – How bad is that on so many levels – Grzegorz Garbacik, journalist wrote for the weekly “Soccer Nożna”.

All upcoming European Championship matches will be broadcast on public television. On this occasion, TVP released an ad spot promoting this fact. The main theme of the one-minute movie is poker, accompanied by the “most prominent” tournaments played in the past, when “The Outsiders” won: Czechoslovakia in 1976, Denmark in 1992, and Greece in 2004.

The selection of the winners was not a coincidence. At the end of the video, there are cards with the names of the coach and the stars of the Polish national team, suggesting that “White and Red” are following the path of the three above-mentioned teams, and this is the way. For victory around the euro.

However, there is one more thing that attracts attention – scoring is based on poker (and therefore gambling), as well as accompanying stimulants; Alcohol and tobacco (cigars). Here is the full video:

Some commentators did not leave a thread dry at this place.

Alcohol, tobacco and gambling. Sport is good for you 🙂 Can the spot be played before late evening? Asked Michel uławiński, editor of “Bankier.pl”.

How bad is that on so many levels – Added Grzegorz Garbacik from the weekly “Soccer No “na”.

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Your attorneys pick bookmakers’ ads about the smallest little things, and have you played like this? – Maciej Akimo from the Sports Marketing Agency “Share” confirmed.

Promote steroid gambling rather than healthy sports competition. Well done; Stupid and less responsible (which is ridiculous, since we’re talking about the public media), it just can’t be done – Reuters Collaborator Jacob Krupa says.

Poland will face in the European Group Slovakia, Sweden and Spain. Each match will be commented on by a different group of commentators, including Matthews Porek, Darius Szpakowski and Jacek Laskowski.