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This is really what a hospital stay is like. The reality of Polish patients

This is really what a hospital stay is like.  The reality of Polish patients

The patient is advised to come to the emergency room in the morning. He sleeps poorly from his nerves, but wakes up before the alarm clock. The daughter arrives from all over the city at 7:00, in anticipation of breaking through the traffic jam in the morning. “8:00” should be written at the specified time. But is it worth it?

You have to wait for the bed

Sister Bosina shows the sad reality of Polish patients in the Nursing Profile on Facebook. The patient with appointments at the registry office hears: “Please wait for the doctor, he will come down after the briefing.” The doctor appears at 1:00 p.m.: “Sorry, I had students.” Entry to the suite is supposed to be 2:00 PM, but you “have to wait for the bed to be released”, so it’s 3:30 PM.

The brave patient has no breakfast, no lunch, and “dinner is not worthy, for the newcomers are not on the list, and they will draw blood soon.” The poor does not yet know that he will not eat his next meal until the day after tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the nurse brings some pills.

– What is it used for? – asks the patient, because he does not take any medications permanently.
Sir, I don’t know about this to the doctor. The doctor is in the emergency room, he comes back at 9:00 p.m.
– You know, I don’t really know why I was ordered to take this drug, I’m not driving you. No, I also don’t know what kind of tests you are going to do, please ask at the inspection tomorrow.

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Search will or not. The ultrasound was supposed to be at 6pm, but “it wouldn’t be today, the studio didn’t do well.” Dinner is gone. On the third day of stay, the ultrasound is finally done, but the gastroscopy and colonoscopy “do it on an outpatient basis and give the results”, because the doctor is not there.

The snippet will be there too. “You’ll pick it up from the office one day.”

Our highest center in the aisle

This is exactly how I remembered my hospital problems. “No bed, at most we put you in the aisle.” “There will be no dinner because you haven’t checked in.” “There will be no tests today because there is no doctor,” he added.

children section:

– What are these drugs?
– I don’t know, ask the child’s doctor.
– Where can I find a doctor?
– He’s not here today. Please ask at the inspection tomorrow.

Excuse me, shall I have something to eat?
Parents don’t get meals. You can order something from the buffet.
– Where can I find the buffet?
– Today is Friday. The buffet is now closed. It will be open on Monday.

Department of Neurology:

For examination, the child must be awake at 2 am and remain awake by 8 am.
– How do you not sleep until eight?
– It’s supposed to be after sleep deprivation.
“Can’t he just stay up for a check-up at night?”
– You can, but frankly, there is a shortage of staff.

Department of General Surgery:

Doctor, I’m waiting for the eight o’clock discharge! I haven’t eaten anything since morning, and I don’t have a drop of water anymore, 2 days after the surgery! What’s going on?!
Sorry, our printer is stuck.

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source: FB Sister Bożenna

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