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This is the situation in the League of Nations group after the shameful defeat against Brazil

This is the situation in the League of Nations group after the shameful defeat against Brazil

Polish actors They didn’t have much to say against the great Brazilians, even though they played in every group Walks. In the first half they lost to 22, and in the second half to 20, and they lost in the third to 23, and in the whole match 0: 3.

Heinen’s selection enters a crucial stage. The coach didn’t get many answers

Little chance of Polish women getting a spot in the top four

Opportunities Polish national team However, they are still too young to advance to the final stage, where the top four teams will play. counts Jacek Noroke But they lost 11 points to finish fourth in Turkey. Their third loss to Japan is 12 points.

After 10 Polish meetings volleyball players They ranked eleventh in the table The League of Nations. They will have a real chance to improve on this achievement on Sunday evening, when they will play against the last team on the field, Thailand.

Other League of Nations results Saturday

  • Russia – South Korea 3: 0.
  • Thailand – Germany 3: 1.
  • Japan – Turkey 3:1.
  • United States – Belgium 3: 0.
  • China – Netherlands 3-0.
  • Canada – Serbia 3:1.
  • Dominican Republic – Italy 3:1.

Nations League: Poland - Brazil, volleyball“They brought down the heroes.” Brazil celebrates victory over Poland. ‘Biggest match’

League of Nations table after 10 rounds

  1. USA – 30, 30: 2
  2. Brazil – 25,27: 8
  3. Japan – 22, 24:11
  4. Turkey – 21, 26:14
  5. Holland – 21, 23:13
  6. Dominican Republic – 20, 22:16
  7. Russia – 17, 21:17
  8. China – 15, 20:20
  9. Belgium – 11, 17:25
  10. Serbia – 14, 18:21
  11. Poland – 10, 18:25
  12. Canada – 10, 15:24
  13. Germany – 9, 12:23 pm
  14. Italy – 8, 2:25 pm
  15. South Korea – 4, 7:28
  16. Thailand – 3, 6:28
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